Sunday, 6 March 2011


Tomorrow is the day I go back to work after having nine days off.

I like my job but I think we all get that back to school feeling. . ! Anyway I'm sure I'll be over it by this time tomorrow, it will be like I had never had any time off in the first place.

And at least my bank balance can start to recover. . , there have been a few little purchases this week that were possibly not quite so urgent. To be honest, I have been stocking up and shopping a bit like my Mum used to every September before we all went back to school. Except I have not been buying school blouses, frilly socks and new lunchboxes.

I have been buying haircare products, creams, make up and suchlike.


Honestly I've been stocking up like now I'm going to back to my 'normal' working life, I will never be able to get to the shops again.

I suppose that they may be slightly unnecessary purchases (I still have almost full bottles of Aussie shampoo and conditioners in the bathroom and a drawer full of eyeshadow) but at least they were 'educated' ones.

The Urban Decay Naked palette (on order) is a palette that everybody loves and seems to make use of. The phenomenal hype means that it is also the one thing that if I hadn't bagged it immediately then I might have missed out on it. Again!

Another quite hyped product is the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment. Every review I've read for this treatment seems positive and although I think a couple of people are sceptical about any additional growth achieved, I think everybody has claimed that it has added to the condition of their barnet. One other reason that I purchased this one is because I'm thinking of giving the Hair Sublime tablets a break. Lately I have been a bit slack about taking them. My hair has got longer since I started taking them back in the summer. However, since my hair has also not had a haircut since that time, I'm not sure how much of a difference the tablets are actually making. I'm pretty sure they were making a difference a few months ago but I may now have a break, save some pennies and see what happens!

I am actually really enjoying the haircare products on the high street at the moment (although I can not get the Revlon range out of my head since watching some Tanya Burr earlier in the week). I have used Botanic colours, John Frieda colours, the John Frieda Three Day Straight and Smooth styling spray and even a couple of products from Naked's (a brand I have questioned in the past) hydrating range lately and they have all exceeded my slightly cynical expectations.

In fact, my Moroccan Oil has almost ran out and although I still think it is absolutely wonderful, I'm not sure that I will rush out to replace it. My hair seems a little healthier and the high street products also seem to do enough for my daily hair requirements. I still think that Moroccan Oil is your best bet for natural "Hollywood" hair but I don't really require Hollywood locks.

After using my new Banana products from The Body Shop in conjunction with the Lee Stafford Hair Growth treatment, my hair felt so clean and soft after washing. Even when it was still damp, my hair felt silky. Normally at that point, it feels quite coarse. So if the way my hair feels is any indication of how content my hair is with these new products then I have very smily, happy hair.

Now after raving about the high street hair products, I'm going to contradict myself slightly and own up to buying this Phyto product to treat my hair after washing and when dry each morning. This is intended for very dry hair. Mine probably falls between dry and very dry. This treatment is a bit more expensive then most of the hair products you find in your average chemist but it is not up there in the price range of Moroccan Oil and Fekkai. I am sure there are similar products at a lower price. In fact, I have got a couple from Umberto Gianni (one pretty good and one not as much so) but Phyto is a brand I'm fond of. Along with the Moroccan Oil, I think that it was the Phytorhum shampoo and the Citrus conditioner which brought my hair back to life when it hit quite possibly its lowest point last year and this is why I could not resist and had to pick something up when I walked past a Phyto shelf in John Lewis earlier this week.

I've also got a Ren face mask (again purchased after watching Tanya) as I have really got in to my face masks later particularly Dr Organic and the whole mask thing is something that I would like to expand on in my beauty routine.

Oh and the Oilatrim, that was a Pixiwoo recommendation and these are great value emoillent products that seem to be of multiuse. The bath oil can be used in the bath and on the skin. I've also found that it makes a great scrub mixed with a little sugar. The lotion can be used as moisturiser. So far I've used it for my body and as a handcream. I've also read that it may help your lashes to grow so maybe I will not be replacing my Rapidlash at all.

I've only had Oilatrim a couple of days and did find the medicinal fragrance overwhelming at first but I have very quickly got used to it and think I may well get great value from these products especially over the next couple of weeks. I'm starting to feel a bit pale and am ready for a bit of fake tan. However, I'm determined not to get obsessed this year so am trying to hold off until the sun really does hit town. In the mean time, I will use these products to try and get my skin in good, glowy healthy condition.

Back to work preparations don't stop at the shopping, I have started to use the OPI matte nail envy stregthner in the bid for perfect nails.

I have also painted my toenails in the Barry M Pale Purple in case springtime arrives this week!

Ha, think I'm trying to look on the bright side. . . going back to work must mean that the spring will arrive soon!

Am I the only one that does this strange hoarding thing? What products do you have high hopes for at the moment? What will be in your spring collection?


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