Wednesday, 9 March 2011

The Naked Palette (and a little bit of Rimmel)!

Yay, my Naked palette arrived and I am very pleased that, so far, it lives up to the hype.

This is what resulted from my play hour!

Sin for the inner corner

Toasted all over the lid

Hustle (absolutely gorgeous) for the outer corner, crease and under the upper lashes

With a concoction of Hustle and Smog to line the lower lash line

I actually surprised myself with the shadows that I chose here. I like the look of all the shadows in the palette but I was expecting different ones to scream out at me. I thought that my first Naked eye look would be more of a bronzy one or a dark smoky one with Creep and Gunmetal.

Virgin,Sin,Naked,Sidecar,Buck,Half Baked, Smog,Darkhorse, Toasted, Hustle, Creep, Gunmetal

However when the palette actually arrived, I fell for the warmness of Toasted and Hustle.

I know for my green eyes, red is meant to be quite complimentary. Unfortunatly this can be a diffcult colour to adorn without looking very tired or slightly alien. Neither Toasted or Hustle are red but I felt they were a lot warmer then I was expecting. For me, at the moment they are the stars of the palette.

I am also wearing two mascaras. The first is L'Oreal Volume Million. I used this product on the top lashes and still love it. However, for the bottom lashes, I used Rimmel Sexy Curves and the reason I used this one here is because I don't want to chuck it but for me, this mascara doesn't seem to work at all.

I have just read a review on Temptalia and she finds that 'It just looks like I'm wearing mascara, but it doesn't like I'm wearing a very good one!'

I'm personally inclined to agree with her. It is true, I have only used this mascara a couple of times but have had it for about three months. I probably haven't tested it fairly because I really do not like it so just don't reach for it all. In my experience, it does nothing to define, lengthen, volumise or curl my upper lashes and I have been left with little choice but to try and find another use for it.

As I find that a lot of (very good) mascaras look a bit much on the bottom lashes, I thought that if anything could work my bottom lashes subtly it would be the Rimmel one because it seems to me, not a mascara, that could ever look too much in any way.

Indeed, this seems to be the case. The Rimmel mascara just about coloured my bottom lashes without the usual extravagance and occasional mess that some mascaras create but for me, somebody who does not do a lot with her bottom lashes day to day, I'm not sure that this alone justifies buying this mascara again.

I feel a bit bad about dissing this. Maybe I'll play around with it a little and see if I can make it work my lashes. If I change my mind on it, I will let you know.

What do you think, does Rimmel Sexy Curves work for you? Do you think it makes a difference that I have the waterproof formula? Are you still loving the Naked palette? Don't forget, comments and shadow combinations are always welcome.


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