Friday, 4 March 2011

Patisserie and Gleam

Patisserie is a lustre lipstick that I love when I see it photographed.

However. . .

Sometimes when I apply it. I am a little bit disappointed. It is so close to my own lip colour that when I look in the mirror in certain lights, it is almost like I've applied nothing. I guess like most of us, somewhere deep down I still hold on to the ridicoulous notion that some make up product/combination will transform the way I look. So Patisserie, a lipstick which sits so close to my natural lip colour, is not a lipstick I get excited about. In fact, it has pretty much been relegated to my work draw. I very rarely pull it out for any other reason.

Until today.

And then I only pulled Patisserie out because it was the only lippie in reach and I thought well, since Patisserie is for me so non-descript. I can always go over it later with something more interesting.

Yep, I've got a whole drawer of lipsticks at home and four or five in my handbag. All of which I could easily have used to paint over Patisserie.

Except I never did.

Today, I tolerated Patisserie. In fact, dare I say it, I actually think that I quite liked Patisserie. I think this has a lot to do with the eyeshadow that I teamed it with. Gleam from MAC, a lustre colour that is almost the skintone of my eyelid but better.

Gleam is a shadow that I am very fond of. A slightly lighter and pinker All That Glitters.

Gleam also has a sparkle to it. Maybe it is this sparkle that balances out the mundane, safe nature of Patisserie and pulls the pretty combo together.

Now here I need to apologise as I was going to put a nice face of the day in here and I took tens of pictures on my new camera (ooh), only to find that when I got the pictures up on the computer that the camera had picked up something and that was the fact that one of my make up brushes had shredded all over my face and ruined my pictures so I got handy with the cropping tool to give you an idea of how Patisserie and Gleam worked for me.

What do you think? Do you have seperate lipsticks for work? Have you met Gleam?


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