Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Gucci, Guilty!

So what with Christmas and one fabulous birthday, my perfume collection has blossomed over the last couple of months.


I absolutely adore perfume and there seems to be so many beautiful and unique fragrances out there at the moment.

I know I’ve written about some of my lovely perfumes before but today, I thought I would tell you what lovely fragrances I have gained recently. There was Tom Ford, White Orchid; Jennifer Anniston Jennifer Anniston; Givenchy, Play; Playboy, Lovely; Playboy, Sexy; Ghost, Ghost and Gucci, Guilty. I think that is all of them. . , what a lucky girl I am!

I have to say that I have two favourites and they are the Jennifer Anniston and Gucci Guilty. They are both very unique perfumes. Today, I’ve just got to write about the Gucci one as to me it seems kind of a parody within itself.

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Many of you may know that I’m a sucker for Gucci scents particularly the Rush line. So as soon as I found out, there was a new Gucci scent coming out late last year, guess where I headed. Yep, straight to the perfume counter to take the obligatory sniff.

Gucci Guilty is an absolutely gorgeous scent, very different to Flora (see my review of that here) and to be honest, I think I prefer Guilty.

Guilty is a peachy mandarin scent with top notes of pink pepper, a heart note of lilac and base notes of patcholi and amber.

Now, be warned, despite my love for this perfume. It is by no means perfect or even an easy one to wear. This perfume has been described as a Sex in the Bottle perfume by reviewers on Make Up Alley.

I have heard this phrase before in relation to White Orchid from Tom Ford yet the two scents are very different. White Orchid is deep but Guilty is very obviously fruity and the peachiness is so intoxicating (reviewers on Make Up Alley have described Guilty as overipe, I get that). For the first hour or so after the initial spray, I keep finding myself looking down almost feeling as if I’ve got too much flesh on show or something. It is almost uncomfortable in that way and certainly not a scent, Mum will be getting on Mothers Day. However once the scent settles, it becomes warmer and easier to wear, settling in to a nice clean powdery scent that I could happily wear all day.

Except I can’t because this scent does not seem to last all day,three or four hours at the most but that second phase, while it lasts, is so pretty and a little more remniscent of Lady Million (another great recent release).

I have found that the body lotion lives up to the scent and in fact, is beautiful. Like most body lotions, it is gentlier then the perfume and therefore, a little less intoxicating to wear but it lasts just as long as the perfume so for the day, this may be a favourable alternative to the somewhat raunchier perfume.

I’ve also found that spraying the scent on to my clothes or hair instead of my skin seems to mute the scent just enough to make me able to go about my day to day business more comfortably yet smelling lovely.

Rereading this post, I feel it sounds as if I’m almost warning you off this perfume. I’m not, I love it but yeah, I guess I did feel a bit “guilty” wearing it yet you don’t expect fruity notes such as peach to make you feel so guilty yet it does and still comes across as the 'bad boy' of perfumes which I just can't resist.

Hmm, I think this is quite a clever perfume and really do think it is one perfume that every woman (except my mother, gran or younger sister!) should try once. Maybe, take a look at some reviews (I suggest Make Up Alley and here) too. I have found that not everybody gets the intoxicating rawness of the scent and these are the people who actually find the perfume more long lasting. I’m not sure how to explain that. Maybe it comes down to all those extra factors, different body chemistries, noses and temperatures etc but please find a sample, get a sniff and decide for yourself. I, for one, think this is one perfume that is not easily forgotten.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think of Gucci Guilty and what other perfumes you are liking at the moment? I could talk perfume forever!


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