Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Madame Glamour!

Some days are bad and pick ups are required.

In fact, some days are so bad that a new perfume IS required.

Unfortunately on the day, you suddenly find yourself forking out hundreds AND hundreds of pounds on your car after taking it to the garage purely because the windscreen wipers(!) aren't working, it is a little difficult to justify spending forty pounds plus on smelly water even if it is one of the only things that could possibly make you fall asleep smiling.

Ok, enough of the pity party.

This post is meant to be all about a scent not my woes. Let me introduce you to the scent in question, Madame Glamour recently released by Lidl's private label, Suddenly.

Ok, my first thoughts were, I don't like the name and I don't like the bottle. There really is nothing special about the bottle. Given, the shape could have been ok but that white lid, eurgh. As for the name, well, Madame Glamour doesn't sound like a girl I want to be (yes, as I get older I want to be thought of as a girl). In fact, I don't imagine a young lady but somebody a bit alligator-like with a whole lot of ruthlessness and no personality.

Hmm, ok, so far, not very promising but I NEEDED a perfume fix and after reading a post from Fee on Make Up Savvy, I knew that this scent was one rated and it was one I could afford so I legged it (. . . cos the silly car was in the garage.) down to my local Lidl curious but still very sceptical. I was interested to see what the fuss was about but to be honest, expected little more then glorified body spray.


This scent has been widely named as a much cheaper (about £60 or so!) dupe for Chanel Mademoiselle, a citrussy and floral delight for the nose. At least 89% of people have chosen the Lidl over the Chanel in a couple of independent trials but yes, I was still a bit cynical.

Given the £3.99 Lidl price tag, I was expecting only the citrus, fruity notes to hit the nose if, anything at all but I was wrong. Instead there seemed to be a lot of pretty, fluttering notes when I sprayed, a little citrus, a little floral and something else, something very sophisticated maybe that lovely Bergamot that I worship. Once it settles on the skin, it loses that robotic make up hall feel and softens to just the right degree. Thinking about it, it is not a million miles away from the pink soap and glory family just with some musk.

It has to be said that this scent smells feminine, pretty and very classy. Everything that it does smell of is what I want to smell of. Isn't that what a good scent is all about?

On me, Madame Glamour also lasts. On the first day of wear after a very generous dowsing (many reviews suggest longevity is where this scent falls so I almost showered in it), this scent lasted me from 6am in the morning to gone 11pm at night with no reapplications. As I wore it more, I seemed to get used to the scent and didn't notice it as much after five or six hours and would want to spray again but five or six hours, that isn't bad going and you do get 50ml for £3.99.

Honestly for that, you've just got to head to Lidl and spritz a tester and see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

Ooh and while you're out, consider picking up a Red Magazine with the free skincare goodies from REN. I love the Hydra-calm Day Cream so much (it instantly seems to cool and soothe my skin) that I have just picked up a second mag.

Have you tried Madame Glamour? What perfume are you currently dowsing yourself in? Any magazine freebies that I should be stocking up on?

It seems to be sunny everywhere at the moment, so enjoy!:)



Laura said...

For £3.99 I think I'll have to pick up a bottle! I don't think I've ever smelt Mademoiselle but I'll give it a sniff in Boots and compare! Thanks for the tip! x

Essjay23x said...

Ooh, did you get a bottle? I am just about ready for my second, have been a little addicted to my Rush 2 recently but somehow have still managed to get through almost a whole bottle of Suddenly and the bottle is pretty big so that says something!


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