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Tag: 10 Things I Would Repurchase!

I was tagged by the lovely M of C.S.I Beauty Blog to do the 'Ten Things I'd Repurchase' tag.
Thank you, M!

I love the idea of this tag as it is so easy to get carried away when you first try a product and go 'Oh, I love it so' and then six months later find 3/4 of a tube etc in some dark, dusty corner.

Yep, we've all been there. . !

This tag makes me think about putting my money where my mouth is. What products have I actually finished? Will I/have I brought these products again?

And whoa, some of the products where I can confidently say yes, yes and yes in reply to such ponders are not necessarily the products that I get too excited about or talk about a lot here. Sometimes, daily staples are overshadowed by a newer purchase or cleverly marketed novelties.

Well, not today! Here are ten little gems that maybe I take a little too much for granted because thinking about it, I'd actually be quite lost/sad if suddenly I could not get hold of them anymore.

1/ Revlon Colorstay

The first one, Revlon Colorstay, a foundation was actually the most obvious choice for me. I love this foundation and have brought it over and over since my first bottle about three years ago. It is the only foundation I have ever found to offer a shade (Ivory) which completely blends in with my natural skin shade. I like the fact that I can buy a version in this appropriate shade that caters specifically for my dry skin too. This may be why I find that despite quite deep coverage (and I'm quite heavy handed, slapping quite a lot on), this foundation sits so well on my skin and looks natural in that 'she looks as if she has caught the right light' way. I also work very strange hours and I can say that I'm confident that this foundation looks good without touch up for ten hours straight. Though, I rarely touch it up at all as after that long, I care a lot less about what I look like. I initially had doubts about this foundation, my first bottle was very watery and difficult to work with but I think, I had a dodgy bottle as otherwise, I have found these so easy to apply. A lot of people say you have to blend quickly to get a good finish. I haven't really noticed that. The only foundation that comes close is L'Oreal True Match but it is Revlon I come back to, I love it such a lot.

2/ L'Oreal Volume Million Lash

No surprise here, I've raved about this mascara so many times on this blog. This IS the mascara to give you lashes. Yep, this one delivers volume; length and separation. In fact, if I had to design a pair of falsies for me. The lashes would basically be a blatant copy of what this mascara delivers. Yes, sometimes it can be a bit of a diva but with steady hands, dry weather and a little patience, this mascara always magics me up some fantastic lashes that no other mascara has mustered. Honestly, this mascara is worth any extra effort that may be required.

3/ The Daily Smooth

Now I'm a fan of all the Soap and Glory body butters but when we consider the gorgeous scent, the mid range price and the good emollient job delivered by the Daily Smooth then it is no wonder, that this is my body moisturiser of choice.

4/ Gucci Rush 2

This scent, with notes that include Banana, Blackcurrant and Rose, is like no other. It is the one scent that always makes me smile and sometimes, it is the only scent that will do.

5/ All That Glitters Eyeshadow (MAC)

I've read time and time again that this MAC eyeshadow may be a little orange for pale skins but I really like how this one looks on my eyes. It tends to be one of my go to shadows for work. I tend to colour block it, blend out and then poof, suddenly my eyes seem to come to life. No more work or shadows required. The result of this very, very simple eye make up is subtle in the way that it catches the attention of others and is just quite pretty. I think I've said before, this is the shadow that gets you the 'pretty eyes' rather then 'pretty eye make up' comments. Blimey, this one could become holy grail!

6/Angel lipstick (MAC)

Another daily staple for work, Angel from MAC just makes my lips look a little bit more. However, slap some gloss on top and this lippie actually becomes rather alluring.

7/ No 7 Hot Cloth Cleanser

This is my cleanser of choice now and I tend to stock up when Boots have their frequent £5 off NO 7 voucher on. It seems to cleanse my skin well, without irritating or drying it out leaving a great base for my moisturisers to begin working their magic.

8/ La Roche-Posay Hydreane Riche

I've done a rave on this one, it makes my skin so soo soft after just one application and seems to keep my complexion pretty clear. Hands down, the best (face) moisturiser I've ever tried.

9/ Benefit Erase Paste (not pictured)

I wore this for about two years and only went through three pots at the most. It lasts almost forever and gives me the finish I want (and one that lasts all day). It blends well over my colourstay and covers up my dark circles so well. The only con is the price tag and that is why recently I have been using the Collection 2000 Lasting finish concealer which is good (though probably not as good as the Erase Paste) and a lot cheaper per an item but each tube only lasts a couple of weeks making it a bit of a false economy so I think, I will be switching back to my beloved Erase paste soon.

10/ L'Oreal Elnett (not pictured)

I think most people agree that this is one of the best hairsprays ever (TIGI Headrush is good but more expensive). It holds the hair in place without stickiness, seems to add shine, brushes out easily and smells divine. I'm not really very curious (or knowledgeable) about other hairsprays because whenever I need one, I can always get hold of Elnett and it does exactly what a hairspray should promise to do.

I tag:
. . . because I currently really enjoy all these blogs but to be honest, I'd love to tag all of you!!! Please let me know in the comments what you'd repurchase or do a tag post like this one and link me to it in the comments. It'll be fun to see what you all buy and recommend.

Oh and don't forget to check out C.S.I Beauty Blog written by M and L. Great posts, fabulous reviews and posts almost every day. Wonder Women or what, how do they do it?!!
Have a good night.


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