Monday, 12 November 2012

Hair brief!

So one more day of work and then I'm looking at a WHOLE week off, yay :)

And the first thing I'm doing is heading to the bright lights of London and getting the barnet sorted!

I think I mentioned a few posts ago that my natural hair is long now, not as long as my extensions or anywhere near as long as I'd like but there is some length there and really after months and months of waiting, I should be showing it off.

However at the moment, as you can imagine with just two haircuts in almost two and half years, it ain't in no state to be shown off so I'm mustering all the courage I have and going to a "top" hairdresser in London who I can only find rave reviews for. If I walk away as happy as the reviewers claim to have then I will share her details with you.

Anyhow, I have spent a little time tonight making a little list of points that I would like to bring up at the consultation (normally my mouth goes dry but not this time I will be holding tightly on to my list and I intend to use it)

The points are as follows . . .

1/ I don't want to lose too much length! Yes, I probably need to lose two or three inches right now but I really don't want to. It has took me so long to get my hair to this point. I'm not sure that I could go through all the waiting, hair pills and so-called miracle products (expensive!) again.

2/ The front needs sorting out! No hairdresser has ever perfected the front sections of my hair, the bits in front of my ear. I'm thinking it needs graduating and it has been done before by many a hairdresser but for some reason always looks disjointed. There is no hope of my hair ever looking styled unless somebody can find a way of giving the front some good shape and creating an illusion where these front sections seamlessly flow down to the baseline.

3/ I want chunky ends. I want my fine hair to look as strong as possible but sadly, I know this may not be possible unless I concede point 1.

4/ I also intend to ask the hairdresser for some advice as to colour. At the moment, I'm not booked in for anything as I know chemical colour can be detrimental to growing hair. My hair is a very dark brown at the moment which I think, makes it appear quite healthy considering its true state. However, I'm finding the dark colour, which is probably only a shade darker then my natural hair, can look very harsh in photos and I wonder what others see. It maybe that the colour will be softened once my hair actually has a cut and is more styled but colour talk is going on the agenda!

Here are a few pictures I've pinned that I may show (I always take five or six pics to the salon but I'm not sure if one has ever made it out of my bag) the hairdresser.

This is one of Rachel Bilson but I've actually pinned two or three. I really like her hair and general style.

Similar to Rachel's . . .

Something a little different, if my face is deemed not suitable for the 'Rachel'. . .

And worse case scenario, if the length has got to go then I want a long bob Olivia style but please remember (and don't worry, I will remind the hairdresser), I don't really want to Bob anything.

Hmmm, I wonder what my new hairdresser will come up with?!!

To be continued, I guess . . , eek!

What do you ask for at the salon? Do you always know what you want or do you leave it up to the hairdresser to decide? I hope you are all well.

PS I would love your pinning links. Going through a Pin, pin, pin phase at the moment! My Pinterest is here if you wanted a peek :)



Anonymous said...

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Nicole Moseley said...

Im just like you hen it comes to wanting thick, strong hairdresser told be to never let anyone thin my hair out again as it only thins the ends not the top....making your ends just look even thinner! Mind you im sure your hairdresser will know this too!
Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain!! I Took 2 years to grow my hair out, when i went into the hairdressers they said the ends were so damaged the only thing i could do was chop it off and start again!!! I was mortified with a bob!! But they did say regular trims do help, which i didn't believe as hair grows from the root, but i gave it a go and honestly i've noticed SUCH a difference in growth rate because the ends are healthy they're not snapping off as much, hence "quicker" growth! I can't wait to see your new do!! Be sure to post pictures! xx

Essjay23x said...

@Nicole Moseley
When you think about it, that is so obviously true. Will bear that in mind tomorrow, thanks :)

Essjay23x said...

Thank you, fingers crossed! xx

Johnson said...

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C.S.I Beauty Blog said...

I love the slightly warmer tones, L just had hers that colour. I'm never strong enough to speak up in the hairdressers. Hope your appointment goes well x

Essjay23x said...

@CSI Beauty Blog
It went fantastic, thank you M. I probably still didn't speak up enough after all this but she just seemed to read my mind. Yay! xx ps I think the right warmer tones can soften a look nicely!


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