About Me!

This blog was started in 2009 over at Wordpress (yes, you can still see where it all began by clicking here). Originally it was all about Mission Pretty, one year to make a little more of myself.
It was an amazing year not only did I adorn false lashes for the first time and drain my bank balance but I also had a ball here online and to be honest, I kind of got addicted to the whole blogging community.
Sometimes real life gets in the way but the passion I found for posting lives on.
And so here we are, Mission Pretty has become Mission Me.
Of course, I'm still going to write about lippie and hair but you know, we're all about a little bit more then that so I hope to give myself a little more leeway to now and again shake things up and write about, well, whatever I want! Oh and maybe I'll be able to save myself a few pennies for I sure have learnt how easily they can be spent.
I hope you enjoy my blog every bit as much as I enjoy posting on it.
Please feel free to say hi, follow and comment. I'd love it :)
Oh and for a silly photo and more useless facts about me, check out this post here!

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