Thursday, 29 March 2012

Hallujah: The L'Oreal and No 7 mascara combo!

Ok, I know, I am sounding like a broken record but it is back to the L'Oreal False Lash Telescopic mascara again. . . 

You'll remember (see this post), that despite the length it gave my lashes, I was so disappointed by it and sad as it may be, I've had real issues with the 'Great Telescopic Crisis' ever since. I couldn't just go out and buy a new mascara and forget it. It bothered me. I think, it has something to do with the fact that L'Oreal, Volume Million is just so darn good. There just had to be a way to make this L'Oreal offering work too.

Well, maybe there is, after all.

The first light bulb went off above my head when I was watching Louise's, Mascara Madness vlog and I almost had a heart attack when she revealed, this fiend of mind False Lash Telescopic, to be one of her top mascaras. Honestly, I had to rewind a little. I was thinking, 'but it seems to do so little for me . . .'

Once I had got over my initial shock, I took time to actually listen to what Louise was saying and it seems she was revealing a little trick. When she uses the False Lash Telescopic, she twists the wand as she applies and ta dah, she gets fab lashes that look longer and thicker.

Well, I just had to have a go. I grabbed the False Lash Telescopic from the dark corner that I had banished it to and wow, in a matter of seconds, what a difference. Doing the twist really does make a difference and seems of utmost importance when using the False Lash Telescopic. My lashes instantly looked healthier and seemed to curl in a more flattering manner. My lashes looked more and they were much more polished and uniform then they ever had been when coated in this mascara previously.

However and this might just be my rubbish lash line, there still seemed to be a lot of gaps in the final look and it still wasn't quite up there with some of my favourite final lash looks so I watched the rest of Louise's video and saw how both she and Zoe rate the No 7, Exquisite Curl mascara (and we all know how I like Lash Adapt) so I decided to have a play. I grabbed one of my No 7 till vouchers and an Exquisite Curl in Brown was purchased, I then layered it on my lashes to give them some curl and shape before brushing over the Telescopic for definition and this is how I'm now using the L'Oreal mascara daily which has finally given me the healthy (and yes, quite heavy) lash look I've been missing. I've got to thank Laura  for her comment on my earlier mascara review, I'm not sure I would have considered playing with two mascaras if she hadn't suggested it.

Naked lashes

Lashes after applying Exquisite Curl

Lashes after applying Exquisite Curl and False Lash Telescopic

After a week or so dabbling in eyeliner and smoky looks, I'm back on a more simplistic eye look. Colour blocking one shadow tends to be my style (obviously given how cack handed and lazy, I am) and my top three at the moment are Urban Decay Naked, All That Glitters (MAC) and Modellette (LEdn MAC) when I can scratch some final morsels from the pan. Does anybody know of a dupe for Naked from Urban Decay? I'm not far from pan and am reluctant to buy another palette for just one shadow but I'm not sure I'll be able to live without it. It is a shade I use several times a week. Also, any Modellette dupes are welcome. I'm learning to live without it but eye make up is a whole lot easier when it's in my life.

Right, so much for my short posts but now I'll finally go. I think, it is time for a little reading in the sun and then maybe a little post about the book that I'm indulging in. It is fantastic and one I'd recommend to you all.

FYI: I would like to do a mascara review on the Exquisite Curl but I mistakenly picked up the brown so feel unable to. I'm happy to wear brown mascara as a base but I would never wear a brown shade alone unless I ever find the guts and go blonde . . ! 
As a brunette, brown mascara just doesn't do enough for me. Anyways, I feel unable to fully review EC  in brown when I've only used it as a base product.  From what I can see, the Exquisite Curl Mascara does seem to give the lashes some length, great shape and a good curl.
No 7 seem to do decent mascaras and I'm interested to try more (including Exquisite Curl in Black) but for now, fully recommend the Lash Adapt if you want to try a No 7 mascara. You can see some of my thoughts here.

I should also say, I don't really see the point in buying two ok mascaras to achieve a look which could otherwise be created by another amazing mascara alone (wow!). However like I said, I already had the L'Oreal Telescopic and a No 7 voucher . . . and if you are in the same position or already have the two mascaras (or other combos) then it might be worth a play.

What's your current eye make up look? Any favourite products? I need some recommendations before I give in and splurge on some Burberry. Love, love, love the current make up look they have going on.



C.S.I Beauty Blog said...

I always use two different mascaras. I actually use three different tubes in the morning (ooops how high maintenance do I sound) I live big thick lashes and my ultimate favourite is maybelline colossal volume. I use an older version of this to apply a light coat. I find an almost empty mascara is great for initial separation. Followed by a coat from a newer colossal volume, then top off with a coat of the soap and glory one or 17 peep show fibre lash mascara. I'm like you, I bought these two with high hopes but for me they aren't good enough on their own so I layer for fab volumised lashes :) love m x

I used to used no7 extreme length (i think its called that) it was the first mascara I loved and used solidly for 2 years before I found colossal volume.

Essjay23x said...

@ M
Cor, you put some work in to your lashes! Its kind of addictive though when you find a good mascara or combo, you want to go on and find better and better!!!I've never tried a Maybelline mascara, will bare colossal in mind :)

C.S.I Beauty Blog said...

I do, It doesn't take me too long now, just use 3 coats of different mascara ha! I love big lashes so I don't think I could change now. It's a firm favourite in my collection for 4 years now x

Lettherebelight said...

Lovely mascara review, i just use a Loreal telescope black mascara and add it a lot of times!

xoxo Carolina Ferretti //

Essjay23x said...

@Lettherebelight Thank you, hope the loreal is working for you! x


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