Wednesday, 4 April 2012

An obsession or two!

Yes, I like shopping. In fact, I like shopping quite a lot (!) but the three things, I like indulging in the most are pretty tops, perfumes and books.

Pretty tops!

Good old H&M can always be relied on to deliver a pretty top!

This gold vest is gorgeous and could be worn in a number of ways and all year round.Yay, gold will always catch the eye and probably makes me look slightly classier then I am. Oh and er, this one was just £7.99.

I already have a couple of sequined vests in different colours from last year and I always believe if you like something, buy it in every colour you can, so ta dah! I picked a couple up in black and white too.

Black Orchid

I've always had a bit of a love-hate thing going on with Tom Fords legendary scent. I have said before that when I first sprayed, it was all a bit too deep and woody. I felt the perfume sat on my skin and was somewhat artificial before finally sinking in and enveloping me a couple of hours later in the most beautiful scent. Yes, this was the perfume that I said suddenly exploded and  blossomed in the most beautiful way but then I also used to find a few hours later, that it started to smell greasy and off. I've always thought that this scent could be diffcult and temperamental to wear so it has spent a lot of time banished to my dark perfume pot. You can read my earlier thoughts here in my perfume post.

Well, I'm doing a bit of a 360 (again!). I dug this perfume out again about a month ago and it has been in my handbag (hence the missing lid) ever since. I bloody adore it and have worn it every day for weeks. The scent is so, soo pretty in fact, beautiful is a much more appropriate adjective and indeed, Black Orchid gleams many a compliment. It is definitely a floral with just enough spice to take the edge off and make the perfume that much more contemporary and in the words of Sephora, show-stopping! I really can't think of any scent similar.

I don't really notice any artificial starts or the ylang notes when I first spray now and I certainly don't smell the going off factor. It may be that I'm more used to the perfume now or maybe it is because I'm spraying little and often rather then constantly dowsing myself in the stuff. Whatever the case, I absolutely love this perfume (the one that has been described as Sex In A Bottle!) and can't believe that I left it sitting unloved in my collection for so long! I'm pretty sure I will be trying the new Tom Ford perfume, Violet Blonde very soon.

Me Before You

I've seen this book in stores for ages but have always overlooked it. You see, the cover is so simplistic and hides all the things that this book is about. I thought it was just another comedy romance and as much as I love them. I already have so many and never considered adding this one to my already extensive collection. However, then I started to hear rumblings that there was just this little bit more to 'Me Before You' by Jojo Moyes and well, in short I got it, read it in days and yep, there is a whole lot more to this book.
It is one of the best books I've ever read  and was a bit of a page turner. Lou's family are hilarious but when you strip the book back to its core issue, it is absolutely heartbreaking and like everybody else, a few tears were shedded while indulging in this one. It really got me thinking about life and the duty we have to make the most of ours while we can etc etc! Anyways before I go and get all deep . . .

Since pretty tops, scents and books are my true obsessions then I can never resist a good conversation about any of them. So what tops, scents and books rock your world right now?



DEMI said...

like your blog dearrrrrrr,
keep posting and go for it!!! :):)


Essjay23x said...

Thank you so much, what a sweet comment!
Happy Easter, stop by again sometime soon :)


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