Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A little shampoo love!

It is very unusual that I am completely satisfied with my hair routine and the products that it includes.

More often then not, the hair routine I have is simply ok.

Sometimes there are even one or two products that actually wow me (The Body Shop Banana Shampoo+Conditioner, the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment and Moroccan Oil. This is probably the only other hair routine I've indulged in that brings my locks ever so slightly closer to Goddess standard though Phyto often delivers.) but I'm usually left still seeking that allusive something else to throw in to the mix, an additional product just to give my barnet that little bit more.

However, my current routine has got me wondering, realistically, is this as good as it gets?!

And you know what . . , if the answer is yes then ok, I will never have the beautiful locks of Angelina Jolie or Rachel Bilson but given the tragic hair history of my poor barnet and all, I've put it through, the future is looking brightish!

So, let me introduce you to my current hair saviours.

*The Redken Extreme Shampoo
*The Kerastase Ciment Anti-Usure Vita-Ciment Topseal
*The Kerastase Masque Force Architecte
*Moroccan Oil
*The Lee Stafford Heat Protector

I'm really enjoying all of these products, the Keratase conditioners seem very moisturising and little is needed. While the Lee Stafford Heat Protector is my favourite heat protector ever. Sometimes it is difficult to know if a heat protector is working but at the very least, this one does not leave my hair feeling greasy and weighed down like every other heat protector I remember trying. As for the Moroccan Oil, well, most of you will already know that I love the stuff and have written about it before here and here. I've recently used the Redken alternative, the Argan 6 which is ok but it is the Moroccan Oil that I repurchase again and again.

Anyways to the point of this post, shampoo . . .

To be honest, I've always thought shampoo is maybe the least important part of a hair routine. I've always thought that as long as you indulge in decent treatments and always protect your hair from heat then any old shampoo would suffice.


The Redken Extreme shampoo is the newest addition to my routine and has wowed me. It has made such a difference to my locks .

Before the Redken, I was using the Keratase Bain De Force, a shampoo from the Anti-Ciment range (designed to stregthen weakened, damaged or fine hair) which was quite expensive. I have no doubt that the Keratase is a great shampoo but I think, compared to the Redken, it was a little too much for my locks. I found that the Keratase did not lather easily and I needed two or three shampoos before my hair felt clean. It almost felt as if I needed to shampoo again and again to shampoo the shampoo itself out ( if that makes any sense! :0 ). When I placed the shampoo on my hair and tried to conjure a lather, everything would come to a standstill. It was like the shampoo stuck where it had been placed, creating a film over my barnet. 

Despite this, the end result (after two or three generous shampoos! It goes without saying I went through the bottle quite quickly) was very clean, soft, big and fluffy hair which rough dried quickly before swelling again overnight and becoming a little bit too puffy and flyaway for my liking. The Bain De Force also seemed to strip my hair of its dark colour, not great when I'm in the aftermath of the ombre tragedy. All in all, the Keratase is quite possibly a fabulous shampoo, almost too much so and I think, next time I would use it as a clarfier and less frequently maybe once a week or so.

Anyhow since I swapped the Keratase with the Redken Extreme, my hair standard has cranked up a notch or two. The Redken is cheaper and designed for distressed locks (look this phrase up and you'll probably see a pic of my natural locks!) and I love it!

The Extreme lathers very easily.Two shampoos and my hair feels clean and it remains so for about three or four days. Normally, I'm feeling ready to wash again every other day. I think, the extended good hair mojo results as this shampoo is so good at controlling my hair, few products required! Given, it does seem to take longer to rough dry but looks much sleeker and is easier to style once dry. My hair really is much more manageable.There is no swelling overnight and very few flyaways to tame the next morning meaning less product clogging up the hair. Also, my barnet looks healthier, shineier and more voluminous probably due to the fact that the lengths and ends are not swelling and puffing which sometimes can make my roots look flat and my extensions difficult to blend.

Oh and one more point, the Extreme smells friggin' delicious. A bit chocolatey and Easter-like actually! So if it actually also makes my hair four times stronger as Redken claims it could, well, bonus!!!

Have you used the Extreme? Do you think shampoo is important? What hair products are you loving?



Cat0805 said...

Great post darling, and very informative review. I'm quite lucky and have fairly good hair, so don't have to splash the cash on shampoo and conditioner. But I love the Aussie range.


C.S.I Beauty Blog said...

Great review! I've just ordered Moroccan shampoo, may try this if I don't get on with them x

Essjay23x said...

@Cat805 Thank you!:) Got to admit the Aussie three minute miracle is up there with some of the best conditioning treatments I've tried. Great value for money!!

Essjay23x said...

@C.S.I Beauty Blog Thank you!:) Early days but at the moment, I can not recommend the Redken enough. I have used the Moroccan Oil shampoo before and I think, it was fine and it was mainly just the price tag that hindered repurchase potential. Look forward to reading a review of it on your blog soon!

Self-Dressed said...

I will try with some of your proposals after reading this post! thanks!

like your blog so much!

Essjay23x said...

Awh, so sweet of you to say. Thank you very much :))
Good luck with the products, let me know how you get on. Have a nice weekend!

Phyto Shampoo said...

Great review! I have been a big fan of Phyto Shampoo. But may try this one too next time I run out of shampoos.

Essjay23x said...

@Phyto Shampoo
Ooh, I do like a bit of Phytorhum!


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