Sunday, 30 December 2012

Wild Card, Christmas 2012 x

Hey you all, I hope that you all had a fabulous Christmas.

I did!

Lots of moments to cherish and mementos gained. In fact, today I would like to share with you the beautiful Benefit lipstick that has defined my make up this Christmas and will always remind me of Christmas 2012.

I was lucky enough to be given the beautiful Wild Card lipstick from Benefit on Christmas day- Thanks, Sis : ) - and it has pretty much being imprinted on my lips ever since.

Now I've got to admit that in the bullet, it doesn't look terribly exciting. A very dark neutral described by Benefit as a Pomegranate. One that is almost maroon and more berry, closer to wine then some of our more well-known go tos such as Angel or Hue. Yet, despite it's individuality, in the bullet, Wild Card just comes across as a bit dark and maybe even a little bland for all us nude pink lovers.
Even in swatches, it comes across glossy but dense and so muddy compared to Viva Glam Cyndi from MAC and the postbox red, I swoon over but rarely wear, Frenched (also from Benefit).
Here we have from top down, Viva Glam Cyndi; Wild Card and finally, Frenched. Hmmm, I've got to say even here, Wild Card isn't inspiring me much. . !
However . . .
On the lips, Wild Card comes in to its own and is a real beauty. On mine, the hints of berry seem pretty much lost (pretty much as, just in a very, very occasional light, I see slight hints of berry and Twilight) and this lippie becomes a red, which with some unmistakable soft rosy tones, is vibrant and eye-catching. I'm the one who is usually very scared to leave the house wearing a red, Viva Glam Cyndi being the only exception I can name. However, as red as Wild Card makes my lips, it is a lippie made to be worn out of the house and it will be. Believe me, over and over again.

It is just so flattering and brings life to the rest of my face (which if I had a better pic you would be able to see. . . ) so that as red as this (probably a medium red for all you true red lovers out there) lipstick is, I don't really see big scary red when I look in the mirror. Yes, in my world, medium red = scary red! Instead I'm distracted and just see relatively nice make up, bright eyes and a face that looks just a little healthier and happier then it otherwise does. Instant zest, then. For me, I can't imagine a red lipstick doing better!

I love this little number and like all Benefit lipsticks, that I have tried, Wild Card feels very moisturising on my lips (even though it is one of the full finish ones not a silky) and certainly doesn't leave my lips feeling dry later after wear.

I have to admit that I've been wearing this lipstick quite casually. You know, a little haphazard application from the bullet and then some tissue staining and maybe even a little finger shaping here and there. I'm all about the technicalities, you see!!!

Despite the initial tissuing, there is a certain degree of glossiness and a 'wet paint' look for a couple of hours before Wild Card dulls to a pigment-strong but more matte stain. For a more Hollywood ready (or New Years Eve) look, I'd recommend a good lip brush and liner because I  find it quite difficult to apply this lipstick in a classic manner flawlessly straight from the bullet. This lipstick does have the traditional lipstick shape (unlike Frenched with its' flat tip). However, as Wild Card is so pigmented and creamy, it shows up every jerk on application and as I'm so cack-handed, I do find it hard to skirt around my lip flawlessly. Hence, the staining action!

Although I've only been staining this lipstick, I do think Wild Card has the potential to be a very versatile lipstick that could be dressed up and down for every occasion. I've been staining it and pairing it with the shimmery Half Baked eyeshadow from Urban Decay. I like to think that this keeps it young and funky (here's hoping!!!) but I do think that those with the inclination and talent could come up with a very sophisticated look to show off this stunning lipstick.

I'm not sure I'm so good at describing lipstick but I really rate Wild Card and hope I've persuaded you to give it a go next time, you encounter a Benefit counter where I'd imagine you can buy Wild Card. Here is a link for Benefit UK and Wild Card online.

What lipstick defines Christmas 2012 for you? Do you like Benefit lipsticks? Are you game to don a red lip?
In case, I'm not in touch before, Happy, happy New Year to you all!!!


C.S.I Beauty Blog said...

Mac plumful has been a late favourite for me. It's so easy to wear. I adore the look of this. Think I'll be swatching some benefit lipsticks after our ban. M x

Essjay23x said...

@C.S.I Beauty Blog
Do! I really like the four Benefit lipsticks I own. Skinny Dip and Jing-a-ling are good neutrals. Just imagine the fun (and means) you will have when your spending ban is done :)


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