Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A scent that whispers: Balenciaga Paris!

Ooh, a new year, already, we MUST be due a perfume update!

Let me introduce you to, Balenciaga Paris, a perfume hotly anticipated when it was released in 2010. It was Balenciaga's first perfume release since 1998 and the muse was Charlotte Gainsborough, an actress infamous for her bold fashion style. To a degree, Belenciaga Paris reflects Gainsboroughs' eclectic style. The scent is a floral chypre with metallic tones. Some talk of the scent as futuristic and urban yet it is very muted, a perfume that whispers.

Here is the thing, this perfume is so "quiet" that sometimes I forget that I'm wearing it and can only smell it when I really concentrate but cor, when I catch it, it is divine. Creamy and warm. However, just occasionally this perfume seems to sing and I get this whiff of something different and so beautiful that I'm guaranteed to stop in my tracks for a second to wonder what it is before almost jumping up and down on the realisation that, 'Oh yes, that's me!' And you know what, those beautiful highs are the making of this perfume and more then justify the price tag that this scent comes in at.

Now, we all know perfume is my thing and never before, did I truly believe that I would be comfortable wearing a scent that is so muted, that it actually lets me forget its' presence maybe 70% of the time! However, that 30% remainder, that's where the money is and so far, I love this perfume and it is almost certainly one of my top perfumes circa. 2012.

The Balenciaga Paris has heart notes of Violet and Patchouli with a top note of Carnation and a base note of Cedar. When you first spray, a sweet, sugary smell lingers in the air but this soon disappears on the skin leaving you with a scent a little smoky and fruity. It is still a clean scent though and reminds me a little of the Aniston perfume in this way but not as powdery. The Balenciaga is more creamy if anything and I think, that is why I like it. It's like I enveloped myself in a lovely scented lotion that morning and that the scent has lingered and lingered. I find this perfume gentle and soothing with the occasional highs (maybe the violets?) to remind you that there is more to this divine scent then a darn good body cream.

This is a scent, muted enough to be worn any time anywhere without cloying yet the unusual notes and those highs mean it will be noticed, I like it a lot and think, I always will. This is certainly not a perfume that you grow out of or away from, it was never that immature in the first place. This perfume is maybe not for young teenagers but those a little more mature.

There is something very self assured about the subtle nature of Balenciaga Paris. It's like it is enough for the wearer herself to know that she is indeed wearing the most beautiful scent and if others notice too then well, that's nice but this perfume isn't one to wear solely to command the attention of others. It is a perfume made for the wearer. It makes me feel safe and happy. I do think this perfume is a little luxe and a bit of a treat but I also feel it could be the perfect work perfume if you allow yourself to indulge. Take it from me, it makes the old 9 to 5 (and all the rest. . .) a little easier. It's no wonder then, I expect to go through another bottle or two during 2013!

I got mine from Debenhams, link here.

What perfume are you making yours for 2013? What perfume are you wearing now? Have you tried the lovely Balenciaga Paris or what about, L'Essence or Florabotanica?

Have a fantastic New Years Day!!! : )



C.S.I Beauty Blog said...

I'm loving a beautiful lancome one my boyfriends mum got me for Christmas it's stunning. I think it's called belle vie or something similar :-) x

Essjay23x said...

@C.S.I Beauty Blog
Ooh, that rings a bell. Is it quite new? I'm going to google it now!!! xx

Creative Boutique said...

Ooh yes belle vie is lovely!!

Creative Boutique said...

Ooh yes belle vie is lovely!!

Essjay23x said...

@Creative Boutique
Sounds like Belle Vie could be one for the b'day list then ;) Thanks for the tweets earlier xxx


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