Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Girly Peplum! :)

Last night, I finally caught up on the first episode of Mr Selfridge and I love it (and him). For those of you who aren't aware, Selfridges is a major department store in the UK. The ITV drama tells the story of how a very charming and clever American man, Mr Selfridge came to the UK to build and open what he envisioned to be the grandest and most exciting store in the world, right here on Oxford Street. The first episode seemed to move quickly and I'm already quite intrigued about a few different parts of the plot. Obviously the drama takes place about a century ago and the detail in setting and costume seems extraordinary as well as all those extras (Am I the only one in the UK who didn't get a part?!).

All those frills and floaty numbers reminded me that I still haven't shown you one of my favourite Christmas gifts this year. Yes, the ASOS Petite Peplum Top in Cream. I adore this chiffon top. I first noticed it when Laura (Buy Now, Blog Later) featured it. It looked so pretty on her. Admittedly everything does but what got me was that this top is petite and therefore, might actually fit me well too. I do like a good fashion blog but so often, when I go to try the goods in store, the fitting is rubbish on my strange body and it looks all wrong and as far from the gorgeous, stylish fashion bloggers as you can get. What can I say, stunning garments seem to morph in to something else on me!

Anyway, deep breath, rant over.

I was saying how I wondered if this pretty little top might be different as it is from the ASOS petite collection and in theory, should fit me like a glove and yes, it did! Woo.

Yes, I will be cleaning my mirror today!
I love this top. I've been a fan of the peplum since they hit the fashion radar last year but I have to be careful as sometimes, the peplum can be temperamental. I would say that the peplum is more a savvy, stylish fashion trend (which can also add a couple pounds if you're not careful) rather then a pretty, feminine one.

Until now, my peplum tops have not been the first things that I've turned to in my wardrobe when I've wanted to be girly or alluring but this little cream number is the embodiment of such things.

The double layered peplum which actually starts higher then most, is actually very light and floats and swirls as I move making me feel very girly and skippy (Is skippy an adjective?). And that is not all, this top has 3/4 length sleeves. Bingo wings, be gone!!! The material is sheer but wearable with the right underwear and just hints at the skin underneath. While the pleating detail on the front and back just adds a slightly more modern and contemporary edge to the top keeping it on the right side of feminine and classy and making me feel like a 'nice girl!'

I really like this top and am seriously now considering getting it in the black as both the cream and black have been reduced by about £12 in the ASOS sale. That is unless you all beat me to it. This is the link.

In the meantime, I'm also very tempted to get this Top Shop vest in electric blue. You regular readers will know I have quite a collection of Top Shop vests (this post, this post) they are so easy to wear and very flattering. Well, this is the latest spin on the versatile number. The same vest with lace panelling down the back, prrrreettyyyyy. The only thing that is stopping me, is the price, another £28 on a Top Shop vest top. I must have spent hundreds on these by now.

What garment are you loving at the moment? Did you catch Mr Selfridge? Happy weekend everybody and just in case, the weather forecasters are right, happy snow days!!!


EllieAlice said...

Love the top xx

Essjay23x said...

Thank you :) Me too! xx

kirstyb said...

i do love a peplum x

Essjay23x said...

Yep, when you find a good one, they can look so good. xx

Summer said...

The top is gorgeous, such a shame that it only comes in Petite - I'm quite tall, so not sure it would fit me. :/ xx

Essjay23x said...

I think ASOS have a good returns policy, might be an idea to order it and give it a try if you like it enough. I do still love it xx

Anonymous said...

I love that cream top it is gorgeous :) x

Essjay23x said...

It is, indeed :) Thanks for stopping by, Hun xx

Lucy said...

This looks so lovely on you! x

Essjay23x said...

Thank you!!!

Anca said...

The white peplum top is beautiful and I actually like it better in white :D.

Essjay23x said...

Thank you : ) Yes, a beautiful top and I think, I too, slightly prefer the white. It's such a feminine top and white just adds to its innocence etc xx

Louise said...

you're right..peplum is a god send... gives you curves in all the right places. Right now I'm coveting boots and boots only.. I have about 4 pairs I'm lusting after (which is very dangerous!) xx


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