Saturday, 5 January 2013

Running for VICTA!

Ok, so it seems that I'm going to be running (well, maybe limping a little) the 2013 London Marathon!!!!

Although I absolutely adore running, the 26.2 mile course is a massive challenge for me. I've never ran a marathon before nor a half marathon or even an 'official' event. In fact until very recently, I was too embarassed to let anybody see me run and now I'm about to participate in one of the biggest running events in the world. Go figure!

It'll be worth it though. I'm running in aid of VICTA (link here), an amazing charity which supports visually impaired, blind children and young people. They also work to support the families.

This little picture was taken many, many years ago and it shows my younger sister, Kath and I.

Kath is now registered blind and has been visually impaired since birth so I know just how much of a difference, charities such as VICTA can make and I'm incredibly proud to be running for them.

Obviously, I really want to make as much money as I possibly can for VICTA so any donation at all will be appreciated so much. You can find my Virgin Money Giving page here.

I hope to express this appreciation further by holding a raffle on the 22nd of April 2013 (after the deed has been done) for £50. All donors will automatically be entered as long as they leave a valid email address in the comment alongside their Virgin Money Giving donation. A further entry will be gained for every £10 that you donate.

Do you run? Have you ever ran a marathon or done anything for charity? What charities do you support? Have you got any marathon training or fundraising tips for me? Have a fantastic weekend, the weather might be good . . . yep, I'm meant to be working the whole way through!!!


C.S.I Beauty Blog said...

Good on you. I'll sponser you tonight. I've done two halfs before I got into running and did both without training so I did a lot of power walking and limping the first one as my hip was agony. Wishing you loads of luck. As well as running do strength training especially strenghthen your back and core. Hope your marathon goes well. Nothing feels better than crossing the line. Oh don't start your final sprint to early. I did the first time and it killed me lol. Such a great charity. I did mine for help for hero's and cancer research. Would do my next for SANDS I think. I will complete one and run it all one day. M XX

Essjay23x said...

@C.S.I Beauty Blog
Awh, thank you!
Wow, I didn't know you had done some helfs. I think my running is going ok but yep, agree that I should be working a little more on my general fitness and strength training. Sometimes, I get a bit of a burn across my shoulder and it slows me down for a minute or two.
Right now I can only imagine how fab it must be to cross that finish line, I'm determined to do it even if I limp over!
Thanks again for your support, M and yes, if I can do it (and I will), I'm sure you can too. SANDS sounds like a very meaningful and special charity, there are so many amazing organisations out there that we don't hear enough about. Let me know when you're fundraising for them. xxx


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