Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Soap and Glory Mascara Review: Thick and Fast!

One of my favourite brands has to be Soap and Glory. Their body butters and scrubs (The Righteous Butter and Sugar Crush being my absolute faves) tend to perform fantastically and they smell stunning. I actually look forward to using these products and always feel special afterwards, as if I've indulged and treated myself, even if I've used the Soap and Glory product in question every day that week!

However, when it comes to Soap and Glory make up, I've been slow to dabble. There is just so much other make up out there. I brought one Soap and Glory lip gloss a year or so ago that I've hardly used (the one that promises the big lips). However for Christmas, I was lucky enough to get the big hatbox of Soap and Glory goodies which included another lip gloss and more excitingly, the Thick and Fast mascara also dubbed by Soap and Glory as the 'super volume mascara.' 

They say that this 'false lash effect mascara creates amazingly longer, fuller, fabulous lashes.'

Yes, obviously, such lashes have been on my Christmas list for years so I was eager to see if the Thick and Fast delivered and consequently, I have used this mascara daily for the last fortnight.

The one thing that strikes me most about this mascara is just how black it is. It is black black, as black as some of the better black eye kohls, and it is quite possibly the blackest mascara I have ever come across. It makes the base of the lash line look very full and healthy, instantly defining it. I think, although I'm more a block one shadow sort of girl aka make up lazy, the intensity of this mascara means lashes could hold their own when paired with really heavy eye make up. In this way, the mascara holds true to the 'false lash effect' claim.

In my eyes, Thick and Fast is also worthy of a couple more brownie points. It definitely gave my lashes some shape. I'm not sure if it is the brush or the formula but my lashes were lifted and curled just like that, after one application of Thick and Fast. This mascara also seems to separate my lashes well, nice and evenly.

I've read a few reviews expressing concern with the size of this brush. I've got to say that I've had no problems with the brush. I've only used the Thick and Fast on my top lashes but the brush has always picked up and coated the lashes that I've wanted it to. However, those more particular or maybe those with smaller eyes may want to consider that the Thick and Fast brush is pretty big.

I really do like how this mascara works my lashes except . . .

Yes, there is a but and that is that the lengthening ability of this mascara, even with several layers, is disappointing. It seems to have improved a little as my tube (and the formula inside) ages but still, I've had to work this mascara hard to try and make my lashes look longer. It takes about four layers to get a length I'm happy to wear. Layered any less and I feel the very end of my lashes comes much too quickly as you scan the length of the lashes and what is more, those ends look almost wispy and lacklustre compared to the fantastically defined roots.

Luckily, the formula of this mascara is quite user friendly. It doesn't seem to smudge and clumps very little (any clumps that have emerged have been small, light and easily brushed out using just the Thick and Fast wand itself) so layering is possible. After four or more layers, the finished look is impressive and it lasts. I don't tend to reapply this mascara at all during the day and my lashes remain very defined. There is no doubt that this mascara is very wearable.

I only wish that it took a little less effort and time (after all, this mascara is called Thick and Fast) to lengthen my lashes but it doesn't so although I would consider buying Thick and Fast at the recommended retail price of £10 in the future, I could be easily be tempted away by something that lengthens more easily.
Any suggestions? Have you tried Thick and Fast?


Anonymous said...

I hate mascara that doesn't lengthen well! A good trick i picked up on Pinterest is, if you get a cotton bud and dip it in a TINY bit of talc then brush the tips of tacky lashes, it sticks to the ends so when you put on another coat of mascara it makes them look loads longer!

Hope that helps!


Essjay23x said...

Really!!!:) I've never heard of that trick but will have to find some talc. Could be just the answer, isn't Pinterest great?! xx


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