Thursday, 7 February 2013

Molecule 01!

Molecule 01 from Escentric Molecules is a scent that has been on my wish list ever since Ruth Crilly exposed it as her big scent secret over a year ago. Of course since then, it has gained major blogger following (Lily, Anna, Adrienne) therefore it was inevitable that I would evantually be spritzing this one.

So to the back story which you may have already heard . . . Many scented products and perfumes tend to include the molecule, Iso E Super as well as thousands of other different molecules. The scent Molecule 01 also includes, Iso E Super. In fact, and this is the important bit, Molecule 01 ONLY consists of Iso E Super. This scent has no other molecules.

Now the blogger word is that the Iso E Super is the little molecule usually responsible for making scents attractive to others so the theory is that when perfumer Geza Schoen decided this one molecule smelt quite nice and marketed it as a scent all by itself in 2005, he had also given the wearers a scent that would act as an allure and attract others to them.

Ooh! It all sounds quite magical and fairytale like.

Yet I've yet to hear this scent described as sweet or floral or particularly feminine. Parma violets is mentioned a little, fig too. When I spray the scent in to the air or on to my clothes (sprayed just on to my skin then my nose really struggles to pick the prescence of this scent up), I detect something a bit musky and woody with some definite cedar. There seems to be a slight soapiness about it too. Indeed, it smells really clean. I guess, the nearest I've found on the high street is the Jennifer Aniston release and Grace from Philsophy. Yet I still say Molecule 01 is very different and I like the scent but like Gemma, I wouldn't say it actually smelt like "perfume".

The difference is while high street perfumes such as Aniston and Grace guaged compliments here and there. Molecule 01 attracted a lot of comments and they were from such a mix of people. Normally the same old four or five friends (love them) will comment or compliment on my scents but Molecule 01 was getting compliments from those who've never even referred to my scents before, both male and female. I've got to admit the compliments and the mythical magic of it does go to the head a bit and I got through my 30ml bottle in about two weeks although there was another reason for this. . .

You see, the only thing that put me on edge wearing Molecule 01 was that like many wearers, once I had spritzed it on my own skin, I could smell very little. We all know what a scent junkie I am and when I go out the door without perfume on, I know and feel naked (most people feel that way about a watch, I feel that way about perfume. Ok then . . .). I feel less confident and less me. It follows for me that wearing a scent that I can not smell on my skin such as Molecule 01 means I might as well not bother spraying it in the first place unless I dowse my clothes in it, which I did!!! Yes, that might be how I got through the bottle so quick and it means as much as I love this scent and am very tempted to repurchase, I'm holding off a while as Molecule 01 could become an expensive habit if I go through bottles at that speed!

What scent are you wearing now? Have you tried Molecule 01? Are you, like me, a bit of a sucker for these perfume myths?

I got my little bottle of Molecule 01 from here. It was a 30ml travel sized refill bottle (without a lid).


C.S.I Beauty Blog said...

This really intrigues me. Heard so much about it. Though 2 weeks isn't good. I like perfume to last M x

Essjay23x said...

@M C.S.I Beauty Blog
Yeah, I think, it might be me going a bit OTT with the spritzing. I haven't heard of anyone else going through the bottle that quick!!! I think, you can get small samples on EBay for a few pounds- I'm hoping they're genuine- might be worth getting one and trying it for a day or two before investing in a bottle. xxx


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