Saturday, 30 November 2013

Les Senteurs Gourmandes, Prune Jasmin from Laurence Dumont!

Sorry for the marked bottle, this little one has come to and fro with me for the last month or so!

Now every autumn, you may recall Lady Million has a duty. . . to adorn me! It is my official autumn winter scent (see this review) , I love the woody warmth and muskiness of the scent and it sure as hell makes me feel a bit more expensive. Given this, I'm not sure that my scent of the moment Prune Jasmin is a scent that you would expect to find in my perfume collection especially at this time of the year but it sure is there and for daytime, rightfully so.

I want to say that this perfume released by Laurence Dumont in 2011 is very unusual and unique. It is to me, I don't think I've ever worn a fruity fragrance so much before but there is something about this one that makes it a little more classy and discreet then many of the other more overpowering, loud fruity concoctions out there.

Indeed, with notes including Plum, Plum blossom and Red berries. Prune Jasmin is a fruity fragrance that I found very overwhelming when I first sprayed it. The first hour or so on that first day, I thought 'Oh dear, I've got it so wrong this time.' The tanginess of the scent was undeniable and even induced a dull headache. It was too much like the smell of a fruity cocktail when you're hungover. However, unable to wash it off or replace it that first morning (work!) I endured it and it was in the next two or three hours that this little number won me over!

You see once the Prune Jasmin settles on the skin, the Jasmin and Patchouli elements seem to voice their presence more. The sharp but sickeningly sweet fruity edge is lost and Jasmin Prune mutes in to a much more delicate and such a pretty (very girly) floral-fruity 'fluttering' fragrance which demurely hangs around for the duration of a working day before gently fading away. Prune Jasmin doesn't really linger on clothes or define its' wearer . It just seemingly makes the space around you more fragrant and sugary as it gently wafts from your skin. It reminds me a little of Balanciaga Paris (see this review) in the way that both scents almost whisper. However, this little perfume falls in a slightly lower price bracket and is available from many branches of Marks and Spencer and online. It might be worth a waft if you're walking by one, one day.

Have you tried Prune Jasmin or any scents from Les Senteurs Gourmandes? What are you wearing right now? What do you recommend?

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