Sunday, 1 December 2013

25 Facts About me!!!

1/ Right now, I reallllllly want a Chloe, Baby Paddington Bag in Black and several bids have been made on EBay this weekend. I LOVE lots of hardware paired with black leather.

Image from Yahoo Image Search here.
2/ I took some time out a few years ago and did a round the world trip. You know, every girl has got to see Ramsey Street.

3/ I met Dr Dastardly Darcey (Susan and Karl's nephew), remember him?!!!!

4/ I'm not quite 5ft 2 : /

5/ I sometimes still get ID ed and I'm in my thirties! Funny, how I take the whole ID thing better as I get older ; )

6/ I am obsessed with yogurt and not a day goes by when I do not have at least three!

7/ I completed the London Marathon this year and raised just over £1300 for the amazing charity, VICTA.

8/ I would love to do the London marathon again next year but know that it will break me if I come in with a slower time then I've already done.

9/ It would really p*ss me off to be sat at home watching the London marathon next year.

10/ I have a law degree but work as a Carer in the Community. I once won the Carer of the Year award. I LOVE my job and the sense of perspective it has given me, it has changed my whole outlook and probably my life.

11/ I burn up and blush at anything. People like to play on this.

12/ Take me to a coffee shop and I'm going to ask you if a 'White Chocolate Mocha', my go to, is on the menu. I have to ask you because I can never see what is written on those boards.

13/ I'm a bit short sighted.

14/ My taste in men is George Clooney, Adam Levine (and Richard Madeley???) EXTREME!

15/ I wouldn't say I dislike anybody (though I can occasionally pinpoint things I dislike about certain people...) but for some reason and I don't know why, I always twitch when Amanda Holden is on the television. No offence intended Mandy, just an observation.

16/ I think Eminem and Rihanna's, Monster and Katy Perry's, Dark Horse are the tunes that sum up 2013 for me . . .

17/ I'm finally working on the whole short hair thing. I had my extensions cut in to a blunt blog. Yep, not long after Laura from Buy now, Blog Later did.

18/ I didn't hate my short bob but I didn't feel quite so me. Now my hair is mid-to long again but not extraordinary long. I'm still getting used to it...

19/ I read 'For One More Day' by Mitch Albom (image obviously from this Amazon link) last week. I cried and it has officially been placed in my top three books of all time along with Beautiful by Katie Piper and I Capture The Castle by Dodie Smith.

20/ Though I do really like Looking for Alaska and Memoirs of a Geisha and Me Before You and Lucia, Lucia too and ...

21/ Yep, I'm a bit of a bookworm.

22/ I think I'm quite patient with people but I have absolutely NO patience with things. I swear before I even read what has pinged up on the screen in those little computer notices like update required, update now, later or cancel. I'm like why the hell ask me, I just want to read blog etc?!!! Huffffyyy.

23/ My lack of patience means I don't like to cook and actually, I don't really cook at all. I haven't got time to wait for things to rise or set etc. Mum says I should do something while I'm waiting like wash up but I can't multi-task. If I'm doing something, I am giving that, and that alone, my all.

24/ One reason I brought a charm bracelet was because I was so mesmerised by the Frog Prince charm (image from this link too). I just had to have an excuse to buy something similar.

25/ I have brought three coats in the last month but the Primark Sparkly Sleeve one is hardly ever off my back and easily my favourite. I might have to share it with you soon . . !

So that's me in 25 facts (and in the very silly picture at the top of the post), your go!!!! Have you done a 'X facts about me' post like this? Are you going to do one now? Please send me your links if you do : ) I hope you have all had a fab weekend.


Caitlin Ramsay said...

Well done on number 7! And I'd love to see the Primark coat :)

Caitlin x

Essjay23x said...

Thanks, Caitlin xx And yep, you probably will!

C.S.I Beauty Blog said...

Love this. I think I may have to do one. For one more day is now on my read list. A chloe paddington and a mulberry bayswater will always be my dream bags! M xx

Essjay23x said...

@M Yes, yes, yes. You MUST read 'For One More Day'. It was lovely. I want to read the '5 people you meet in heaven'again now. It is by the same author and yes, you and L both need to do this 25 fact thing . . . tag... tag!!! ; )


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