Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A Rainy Afternoon in Bath!

Another quick post for you today, I promise my longer, wordy posts will return soon. It is just, as I guess you too are finding, as Christmas draws closer, I get ever busier but I'm determined to stay in touch with you and the blogosphere now after drifting for so long.

Today was lovely, I spent an afternoon in Bath with me Mama getting a couple of last minute (with a week to go, have I really left it to the last minute?!) Christmas bits and taking a few quick Iphone snaps. We went today because somebody dumb (Me!) thought the gorgeous Christmas market was still on and with one week, left until the big day, I was ready to drench myself in Christmas spirit but alas there was no Christmas market, it finished a few days ago. 'Why so soon?', I whined all the way home. Sob.

Still there were lots of little Carol Singers and more then a Santa or two hanging around to keep my Christmas levels high and as for the goodies. . ! Well, let's just say a lot was added to my Christmas list! The shopping streets of Bath had a bit of a revamp recently and now, you can get almost anything in the charming city and it is so romantic walking through the old streets in the shadow of such beautiful architecture. Even though, it was a wet afternoon and I could have returned home drenched and miserable. I actually returned home drenched and elated. There is something about the magic of Bath which allows it to pull off warmly even the most dreariest and gloomiest of days in a mist of style and dreamy haze.

I hope you are all having a good week. Are you ready for Christmas? What special place captures your heart?

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