Sunday, 8 December 2013

Charm bracelet (Chamilia and Pandora)

So, this is my new obsession. . .

xxx The Charm Bracelet!xxx

I am sure you will see a lot more of this bracelet in future posts but I wanted to do a little post today about the bracelet for two main reasons

Firstly, I just want to show you how beautiful it is and show off how quickly I'm filling it up. I haven't even had it for long at all yet but isn't it growing?! I feel like I've given birth to it.

Secondly, I wanted to let you know about the offer I spotted in H Samuels. If you buy over so much worth of Chamilia charms then you get a free bracelet to home them on. I think, it was £75 in store to be spent but the website says £100 so it may be best to check with the H Samuels branch local to you. I also asked the staff of mine about when the offer ends but nobody seemed to know though I wonder if it might be Christmas Eve. I would also not be surprised if other jewellers and maybe even Pandora themselves might be doing some kind of equally competitive offer. The free bracelet I got is currently being sold for £55 so that is quite a saving!

Now admittedly as cute as the Chamilia charms are, some of the Pandora ones got my heart too and the main reason I got the Chamilia charm bracelet was the bracelet offer and the fact that you can put Pandora charms and many other charms (not all the Troll ones though) on a Chamilia bracelet, mixing it up a bit.

Obviously my bracelet is in the making and nowhere near ordered or complete yet (but well, it might not take so long given my enthusiasm and all that ; ) ) however, here are the charms and beads I have so far.

1 The Chamilia Kaleidoscope Bead. I love a bit of glitz. This was the first bead I chose and it instantly makes the bracelet. The sparkle from this bead is beautiful and could easily form a beautiful bracelet on it's own. It also reminds me to sparkle, sparkle, sparkle and never to lose my sparkle! Its meant to make me smile every time I look down on it

2 The Pandora Perfume Bottle When I heard that there was a retired Pandora Perfume Bottle Charm, I obviously was straight on to EBay trying to track one down. Scent has always been a big part of my life and I can remember exactly what I was wearing when da da dah  happened and blah de bla bla and I've often spent more time choosing what scent  I'm going to wear then I have choosing what clothes to wear!

3 The Pandora Duckling was my first Pandora bead (woo!) and reminds me of two gorgeous little children in my family that I don't get to see so much anymore. We always used to go and feed the ducks and few trips have ever made me happier.

4 The Frog Prince This charm is what the charm bracelet was all about for me. The Frog Prince is so cute and how one little charm can have so much character is amazing. Look, at that cheeky smile! : )
I HAD to have him and a bracelet to home him. I'm not sure if  my Frog Prince is a genuine Pandora one, I got him from EBay and have my doubts but I love him just the same. He has the same cheeky smile, crown and mischievous eyes. When I look down on him, he makes me laugh 'cos I fear I once knew a frog who claimed to be a Prince but wasn't : / This little charm helps me to see the funny side in it all. It also reminds me that nothing is ever what it seems, there can be two sides to every character/story and depending on my mood, this little charm reminds me that every prince can be a frog or maybe that I shouldn't overlook a frog for he may be my Prince. I don't know, I guess this Frog Prince intrigues me and I can't help being attracted to that.

5 The Pandora Shopping Bag This charm reminds me of several things. Firstly, it is for my Mum, a big fan of bows and somebody who has spent hours keeping me company and window shopping (Note: That IS "window" shopping as we told Dad . . .) with me these last few months. This charm also reminds me why I work on those bad days (though on the whole, I love my job) and encourages me to do those few extra hours when I'm inclined to feel a bit lazy and say, 'No'. This little shopping bag is like a little incentive to work hard, reminding me that I might just reap some rewards!

6 My Chamilia Heart lock I wanted a lock so my beads weren't running up and down. Being me, a big softie, I also wanted a heart on my bracelet  ASAP 'cos well, the heart is always important and this one sparkles too. The way it stands out makes it so much more then a lock. Bonus!. 

I never really "got" the idea of charm bracelets until a couple of weeks ago but these charms are so intricate. The character and overall result is amazing and more often then not so adorable that I can see it is going to be hard to narrow down which charms actually make it on to "my" bracelet. I LOVE that, this is my bracelet!!! I'm going to build it up and each thing on it will have meaning to me and sort of tell my story. I just LOVE that idea! 

Have you got a charm bracelet or anything? What is your favourite charm? I hope you have all had a fab weekend.


Chloe Wilson said...

beautiful! That froggy charm is just to die for!x

Essjay23x said...

I know, Chloe. I love it bad! Thanks for reading xx


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