Tuesday, 17 December 2013

LOVE: Pink Primark ring!

So yesterday, I mentioned my new ring from Primark (and before that I mentioned 
my new coat from . . . Primark!)

I adddorre her and not just 'cos she was £2.50. I've never worn a long oval ring before (these have a special name that I can't remember, don't they?!), they never seem to fit between the base of my finger and knuckle right PLUS they just seem so big and masculine to me.

However, this beauty is pink. That dusty pink, similar to Essie, Fiji (this post) and the colour I want to own a coat in. This pink is lovely and softens the ring so much. Swoon! I think, I like wearing her a lot, I do.

Have you picked up any bargains from Primark recently? Do you buy cheap accessories or is it high end all the way for you?

Have a lovely evening. Blimey, this time next week, it will be Christmas Eve . . . eek!!!

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