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Book Review: For One More Day, Mitch Albom

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I'm sure that I've already made it quite clear that I found the beautiful book, 'For One More Day' by Mitch Albom captivating. When I picked it up in the library, I wasn't sure that it would be checking out with me. I only picked it up because I felt I should, Albom is one of those contemporary authors whose works are often hyped as future classics. However, the plot did intrigue me and the book came home with me and once I picked it up, it was a hard one to put down. I completely devoured it in two sittings.

'And one day spent with someone you love can . . .'

'For One More Day' is about a broken man, Charley, who tries hard to take his life one day. However, the result is one more day with his dead mother. He gets to spend one more day with a mother that he thought to a degree, he had recklessly lost forever. 'For One More Day' is based around the concept of spending one more day with that one person, you can't. So simple and yet so clever. We can all relate to this book, we all have at least one person who'd we'd like that one extra day or chance with. For Charley, this is possible as Albom suggests that the dead may be carried in our hearts and when we think of them, they live again.

'Remember me for these days not the old ones'

Obviously, there are a couple of major themes in this book. Life after death and family. This book is beautiful and the story feels so very real (which is of little surprise given who we find the narrator to be at the end). Apparently Albom often writes stories that make you think and will stay with you forever. There is no doubt, I will remember Charley and his beautiful mother, Pauline.

'Things can be fixed'

This story covers some harsh lessons in life and is full of quite dark and depressing elements but it is also full of love, surprises, a little humour and vivid descriptions. You probably realize by now that I found this novel utterly spellbinding (there were some smiles and a few tears) and about as lovely, sweet and perfect as I could imagine a read to ever be. I urge everyone and anyone to read it! Here is the Amazon link . . .

'You can find something truly important in an ordinary minute'

Have you read 'For One More Day' or anything by Albom before? What read do you recommend? What are you reading right now?

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