Friday, 6 December 2013

The *Key* Factor!

So yesterday was a good day, a very good day. In fact, it almost felt like Ccchhristmasssss day already.

Yep, one of my EBay parcels arrived!!!!

The Chloe Paddington, eeeeek. I'm still a bit giddy and very excited. The bag is just so gorgeous and I believe, genuine.

Oh and she is also full of surprises. I thought I knew roughly what the Paddington bag looked like and why people loved it but there are so many little bits to the design that I never realised until she was sat in front of me earlier today : ) Given the relatively small size of the bag and simple structure, there are some quite special design features which have made me gasp in delight on discovering. Obviously, I will share these with you soon and there will probably be a full post in tribute to the Paddington with pictures and all that.

In the meantime, I will share with you my current favourite feature of my new fabulous bag. Before the bag arrived, I thought it might be the soft leather or the glitzy padlock but no, it is in fact the key that comes with the bag to lock the padlock.

The golden key with little jewels just looks as if it belongs in a fairytale and instantly reminded me of my first fashion love. One, I haven't thought of in years and one that many of you may be too young to remember. Here is the ad . . !

Ring any bells?

I'm talking about the little shoes for girls (Princess Shoes from Clarks, I think?!) that every single girl under 12 was dreaming of and begging for, the ones with the magical key in the sole that would take us to fairytale land and a happy ever after. I think those shoes were the first *things* I ever experienced an intense longing for and then the utter jubilation upon finally having a pair of my own. Kerching.

I was so proud of those shoes and can almost feel them on my feet now. Cor, how weird! I probably haven't thought about the Princess Shoes in twenty years but the Chloe key has brought all the memories flooding back. Kind of apt, t think, when you think that I was as excited and happy skipping out of that shoe shop twenty-five or so years ago as I was rushing out to the car to rip open my new Chloe EBay parcel yesterday. Some things (ie. girls!) never change!!!

Happy, happy , happppppyyyyyy. : )))))) I hope your week has gone just as well. What little possession did you cherish as a child? What bag are you cavorting right now? What bag are you carrying right now? Do you use EBay?

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