Monday, 16 December 2013

Currently . . .

Listening to . . . Love Somebody, Maroon 5 I just can't resist anything that Adam Levine sings and yep, this one is so bloody catchy!

Eating . . . Muller Corners, the Milk Chocolate Digestive ones, to be specific.
Image from Google Search Result here.

Drinking . . . The White Chocolate Mocha from Cafe Nero (or so I was earlier and probably will be tomorrow...) #OBSESSED #DRUGOFCHOICE

Wearing . . . My Top Shop Baxter Jeans, My ASOS black flowing top over my H&M sparkly vest with my charm bracelet and gorgeous River Island watch and almost forgot my new favourite ring from Primark (cheap as chips. . . £2.50!!!) This top in black, remember 'The Girly Peplum' post here?!

Feeling . . . Happy, happy, happy. Over the last couple of days, I have got quite excited about Christmas and I feel that this year there needs to be an 'official' Christmas jumper! I quite like this one from Top Shop and it is petite so maybe wouldn't swamp me?!!
Picture from Top Shop here.
Wanting . . . Another new bag (A Rockie'll do!) or a good quality neutral eyeshadow palette. Any recommendations? Coastal Scents?! Naked 3?!

Needing . . . A nice new year and more immediately some blogspiration. Running out of things to write . . .

Thinking . . . How could I have forgotten about Boots 3 for 2 this year?!!! Really but what a lovely surprise when I got to the counter and saved myself a tenner : )))

Enjoying . . . Reading a quote from Katie Piper's book daily. Here are a couple of my faves . . .

So how are you currently and what are you in to right now? I hope that Monday has been ok for you all.

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