Monday, 2 December 2013

Sparkly Sleeves: The Primark Coat!

So I've already mentioned my Primark Sparkly Sleeved Coat, here she is.

Ta dah! I really am quite taken with her
(Somebody (ahem) needs to clean their mirror, oops!)

Let's get the obvious out of the way first . . ! I do like a bit of sparkle, remember my h&m vests and the New Look cardi? Sparkle always catches the eye and with this jacket, I love the way the sparkle is seemingly played down but probably has more impact because it is only on the sleeves and when a person catches sight of you in it, they are surprised by the sparkle as they see it out of the corner of their eye and then they have to look again to make sure you really are twinkling since the rest of the jacket is otherwise quite conventional and black.

It is rare that I find a coat, especially as long as this one, that I take to (I did like my Grey trench though) but the silhouette of this coat is just so flattering. It falls straight down on the top half and hangs like any other blazer or trench would but then you hit the waist and this is where is happens. Once you belt up this gorgeous coat, you are nipped in at the middle and walking tall as your coat flares out at the bottom (pelmet style) almost in to a little skirt. This extra design detail really softens the colour and the look of the coat, a black coat suddenly becomes so pretty and feminine and I've got to say I do like the contrast of this design detail with the more masculine shoulder lapels that this jacket also possesses.

My jacket reminds me a little of the Prodiga Jackets I was swooning over last year (in the picture above) but yes, my Primark number is actually a whole lot more affordable. I think it was about £33 (Sorry but I can not find a price or link online but have seen the Sparkly Coat in several branches of Primark recently.) and since, I've worn it religiously for two weeks, I'd say I've had more then my moneys' worth. Oh and please note, this jacket is wearing very well for Primark. I have lost none of my little sparkly bead things or any of the big buttons (Another good feature, for doesn't BIG buttons always equal cosy?!) NOR are any of the seams falling apart. Nope, this sparkly coat was a fab buy and is also nice and warm with pockets that you can actually put things in. Amazing!!!

It has got to be said that Primark seem to be pulling a few winners out of the bag this season. Meet Ted, my new hot water bottle from their Home Department.

Now, I have never been a teddy person. Even as a little girl, it was all about pushing the dolls in the prams for me. However, as soon as I saw Ted and his friends in store, I knew I had to ask one of them to come home with me. Who can resist those big, big eyes and  the even bigger smile?! I'm sure, there are worse things to share a bed with!

Do you have a favourite winter coat this season? Have you spotted any more goodies in Primark?


sophie lou said...

I love your coat!! the sparkles on the sleeves would win me over!! .. I actually bagged myself a Michael Kors coat for a bargain £40 in TkMaxx, which I am obsessed with of late :) xx

Sophie said...

can't believe it's from primark, so pretty xxx

I left my heart in Miami

Essjay23x said...

@Sophie lou Wow, that is a bargain. I need a trip to TkMaxx, I haven't been for a while. Link me up if you do a post about your coat. I'm a bit obsessed with coats this time of the year!!! xx

Essjay23x said...

I know. Me neither, when I saw it in store but i really do like it! Thank you for having a peek : ) x

C.S.I Beauty Blog said...

Oh no. Think I'll be hunting for this at the weekend. I love it! X

Essjay23x said...

@CSI Good luck!!! xxx


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