Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Daily Make Up Routine!

So, this is my make up routine for a typical weekday when I'm working or popping in to town. . .

1/  Every single morning, there is the prising opening of the eyes because let's face it, it will probably help if I can see what I'm doing and I need all the help I can get. A quick shower and an even quicker wipe across the face (with the L'Oreal Paris 3 in 1 Purifying Miscellar Solution) is employed most days for this first mission. I know miscellar solutions are reportedly overused and should not be used in place of a 'proper' morning cleansing routine but hey, it seems to work quite well for me. This step usually finishes with a frown in the mirror as my eyes have very reluctantly opened, only to find my reflection. Damn, I don't particularly care for what I see!

2/ At night, I tend to lather my face in potions and moisturisers but in the morning (I have to be out of the house by 6.40am at the latest), a dollop of the Hydreane Riche moisturiser from La Roche Posay (My absolute favourite moisturiser ever. Totally recommend, I always come back to this stuff. Remember this rave?!)  mixed in to Extra Comfort foundation from Clarins suffices.
I can't really feel this foundation as I rub it in to my face (Yep, I do the finger thing. I can get in to all my little contours etc that way plus is it just me or does it take at least three times longer to apply foundation with a brush?!). It feels and looks quite a lightweight foundation (though many claim it to be of medium coverage) and blends in easily giving my face a nice polish and a flattering glow. I frown as I move a little closer to the mirror though, I can still see a little redness in my cheeks and jeez, those eye bags. Did I honestly just wake up from a good night of sleep?!!

3/ Scramble around in my nice new flowery make up bag from Boots to find my Clarins Instant Light Brush On Perfector concealer thingymajig. I was on a mission last week to become more organised and this bag was to be my new home for my day to day make up. . ! So after 5 minutes of frantic scrambling, I find said concealer lying ever so innocently (ha!) on the floor behind me. Now to twist the pen and tapping concealer with fingers in a large triangle under my eyes. Wow, sigh of relief. A miracle has again taken place, I almost look awake. A quick shake of the pen to determine how much concealer is left but I can't tell. I dread the day that I do the twist and nothing comes out. I really really like this concealer for under the eyes but wish I could see inside the pen and find out when I needed to find the serious cash to stock up.

4/ Using my Sigma angled brush, I apply a little Mystery (MAC) to my brows and raise an eyebrow or two as I fill the gaps in. All the while muttering as to if the threader got a little carried away recently. Argh, I walked out of there feeling so 'fine' too.

5/ A quick swipe of something close to hand (often Seventeen, Phwoarr paint) to prime the eyelids. Then with my Sigma flat shadow brush, I tap my current favourite eyeshadow on to colour block my eyelid. More often then not, this task falls to the Naked eyeshadow from Urban Decay. All That Glitters, Modellette, Buck, Tempting and Satin Taupe have all performed this role at some time but Naked for me, is the ultimate colour blocker. Face on, it gives the wearer a subtle but flattering draw to the eye but when I look down, it makes my eyelids look that much more and really softens my look. A quick swirl or two with the Sigma blending brush to blend out.

Note: After using Sigma for five years, I have recently experimented with the Real Technique  eye brushes but I need further practise and practise needs time so I tend to stick to the Sigma in the mornings as the clock ticks ever closer to 6.40am. Occasionally a little contour to the outer corner or darkness along the eye line is needed but very rare I bother making the extra effort  especially as we get closer to the end of the week. This is where the semi-permanent eyeliner from last year pays off, I can move straight to mascara.

6/ More often then not, I stick with just a few slicks of mascara now my eye line is already so dark. Instant curse as I pull away from the mirror and look at the final result. Cor, I so need the Prestige blackest lashes or some Max Factor, back in my life. This L'Oreal Voluminous isn't half messy and, unlike L'Oreal Million, here smudge galore is served with very little (and quite disappointing) extra oopmh, length or volume. Sigh as I resign myself to the fact that I will need to buy a new mascara this weekend, if I want to go out in to town etc without fussing (unsuccessfully) with falsies.

7/ Oh, the clock says 6.35am already. Deep breath before I grit my teeth and (fake) smile anyway as straighteners are switched on (ready for the hair prep which needs to swiftly follow) before a final swipe just above my cheekbones with NARS, Deep Throat blush.

8/ A little Lush lip scrub applied before picking up straighteners. Mmm, extra dip in to the pot, just a little taste. After all, I'm not sure there will be much time for breakfast this morning. As I lick my lips, I make a mental note to add Rimmel Stay Matte Powder to my shopping list. I keep meaning to buy it with my points, it definitely helps my make up pull through a double shift. Ooh and as Harmony from MAC catches my eye, it passes through my mind that maybe I should try again tomorrow to set my alarm five minutes earlier for some contouring action. When I do bother to use Harmony, it rewards me.


9/ Before finding myself in the car, scrambling around my Miu Miu Bow for a lip product. Shoot, I thought I had promised myself I would keep them in the inner zip pocket but no, only an electric key there. Oh and is that a perfume bottle, a quick overly generous spritz of that before lip product search resumes. Finally, I find a Sleek Pout Polish in Peach Perfection but a bit fed up of that and then, oh, there is the Benefit gloss but that feels almost too much for work. Another scramble until I find MAC Underage (a bit drying) and Lanolips or even better, a Maybelline Baby Lips. The Peach Kiss is my favourite. Remind myself to check lips later, my favourite daily lip products never last. Well all, except the totally fabulous Lanolips.

10/ Another smile crosses my face. A genuine one this time as the first of my daily major tasks has been completed. Yep, my make up is in place!!!! Well, sort of, except that bloody  L'Oreal Voluminous mascara which smudges again as I put my driving glasses on. Oh well, 6.50am, must wipe smudges away at the other end. Start ignition, lights on and off I go or well, that was my plan but darn, I need to de-ice. Resume scrambling action ... just know there is a couple of deicers in here somewhere. . !

So that is how each day starts for my face and I? What about you? Do you have a signature make up look? What make up products do you recommend?

Thanks for all your comments and support this week, it means such a lot and gives an excuse for that genuine(!) smile to cross my face again. I hope you are all well. Two days until the weekend . . . woo!!!


Jordan Alice said...

Really enjoyed reading this post :) That blush looks gorgeous x


Essjay23x said...

@Jordan Alice Thank you! It is! xxx


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