Thursday, 5 December 2013

Winter Rave: Imperial Leather Spellbinding Shower Creme!

You know how, sometimes, we trawl branches of Space NK et al looking for that perfect, affordable shower gel, 'pick up' treat?

Have you ever found the oh so allusive one?


Well, come closer, me Peeps. . , I have something special to share with you. Until a week ago, I too might have replied 'No' and questioned the existence of the perfect affordable shower treat but then one day in the supermarket of all places, everything changed. . .

I spotted the Spellbinding Shower Creme from Imperial Leather and I moved closer. I found the deep maroon packaging with seasonal gold and white detailing seductive. It was the same week as I felt that first real sharp nip in the air for the first time in the year. In fact, on the way to Morrisons, as I admired the majestic gold and orange leaves of the trees, I noticed how low the sun was lying and was blinded for the first time by that notorious Autumn/Winter dazzle. Just as the world outside seemed to scream winter so did this Imperial Leather Shower Creme and the fact that it was named Spellbinding rather then fruity this or exotic that, like many shower gels found in a supermarket, enticed me even more. . ! This shower gel was making magical promises and life would be ok if I just brought and used it.

So I did and oh my, this shower gel IS indeed magical. This Night Blooming Jasmine & Cotton Milk shower creme smells beautiful and warm. It is strong and fills the air around you. As I showered, I felt as if I was wrapped up in a much needed hug. Cliche maybe but I feel like this shower gel is like the ' warm hot chocolate' of shower gels, so perfect for this time of year and those dark, cold nights when you need to unwind. I honestly felt so relaxed and content after using this shower gel that I went out and brought two more back ups the next day.  Obviously, it is no surprise to learn that the 'Night Blooming Jasmine is famed for its soothing properties'.

It was not just the scent that was so good. As a shower gel, it functioned equally as well in other areas. The lather factor was high and so easy to create with very little of the product needed. The intoxicating, warm fragrance lingered and scented my skin (and shower room) perfectly until that night when I showered again and used this bargain creme once again.

My skin can be quite sensitive and reacts to some products including some of the orange ones from The Sanctuary. Sometimes I sting when trying a new product or get a little pink rash but there was no reactions with this one and my skin felt perfectly happy as I dried off. Imperial Leather claim this shower gel now has 5 x more skin conditioner then their previous formulations so in theory, there is no reason why my skin would have dried out.

Needless to say, I love this stuff and I say 'Go, go, go! Run to the supermarket etc and get this cheap little shower gel.' I can not imagine anybody not loving like it I do but if you do disagree, well as it is an Imperial Leather shower gel, it is unlikely to be your most expensive mistake. In fact, a bottle or two could in fact be one of your best (and favourite) investments this winter.

Go on, it is almost Friday now and you deserve a treat! What is your favourite shower and bath products? When these brands make a good product, it can turn my whole day around so lots of recommendations welcome!

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