Thursday, 12 December 2013

Wanted 1/ Benefit, Bathina Body Oil Mist!

So I love lighting my candles and building my collections of fluffy throws and cosy cushions but the one thing I don't like about winter is stumbling out of that hot shower/bath in the morning or at night and having to slather horrible cold cream all over my body. As lush as some of the potions out there smell and as fab as they moisturise, even the thickest of body butters can be bloody freezing to apply.
So last weekend, I was lucky to give the Bathina 'take a picture . . . it lasts longer . . .' silky and glimmering Body Balm from Benefit a shot.

Image from Google image search here.

You apply it with a little velvet puff for a healthy glow, a glow I would have got from freshly moisturised skin if I could be bothered to slather on the cold stuff but the Bathina balm was a nice substitute. I didn't pick glimmer out as such on my skin but my skin looked well moisturised, healthy, soft and silky where the balm was applied and even if I say so my myself, I smelt lovely and that very nice Bathina scent lasted all day. Purely for the silky and well-fragranced skin that it gave me, Bathina Balm was about to go on my Christmas list but then I found out about the Oil version and now the Balm has been replaced.

You see my only concern with the balm was that although my skin felt and looked healthy even Benefit admit the product is not actually particularly moisturising and that it is a good idea to moisturise before hand. Eurgh, I was trying to get away from the cold cream thing.

Anyway, I may have found my escape in the Bathina 'soft to touch...hard to get' Silky and Seductive Body Oil Mist, a product that includes Sweet almond, Olive and Avocado oils as well as Vitamin E. Since Benefit claims this little concoction carries the Bathina fragrance (so beautiful) and instantly hydrates skin, I'm very tempted not only to put this oil on my Christmas Wish List but to add it to my Christmas Essentials list. Surely a super-fine oil mist is not going to be as cold and torturous as some lotion or butter and hydration this time of year is after all essential, isn't it?!!

What do you use to keep your body moisturised in the winter? Do you use Bathina or can you recommend any other Benefit products?

Both of the products mentioned are available on the Benefit website.

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