Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The Masterpiece Max mascara.

Ok, so I gave in and brought the Max Factor Masterpiece Max mascara.

I like.

Max Factor say that it is a high volume & definition mascara. What is more, is that the high volume is supposedly sleek and smooth.

Here are some pics and my thoughts.

As you can see, Masterpiece Max certainly adds length and is a little remniscent of Lash Extension. Like the Lash Ext, Masterpiece Max is so simple to apply neatly.

Yes, Masterpiece Max does clump very occasionally (I don't think I've ever seen a clump, Lash Ext style) but we'll skim this little blip as these brush out very easily maybe because the Max product is not at all gloopy or inky.

For me, Masterpiece Max adds some volume but I was more amazed by the amazing length and definition that it gave the lashes giving me a very groomed and defined (or in Max Factor terms, sleek and smooth) look.

Max Factor claim that the high tech iFX brush beautifully frames your eyes.


I love the fact that the light brush (as old fashioned and simple as it looks) coats each lash easily. I've recently reinvested in a lash curler but to be honest with this mascara, I don't need it. This mascara magically opens my eyes, all on its own.

I'd say Masterpiece Max is a safe mascara that sits at a great price point for us neutral lovers out there. It is currently £9.99 in Boots and Superdrug  This mascara has reminded me of the good work that a Max Factor mascara can do. I'm not sure why I look so shocked!

I will certainly finish the tube and consider purchasing again.

For those a little braver with colour and a yearning for drama (Little Sis, I'm looking at you), I would love to know if Masterpiece Max works for you.

Oh, I do like to play with mascara . You know I've done a few mascara reviews now. I think I might have pull together a post sort of ranking them and my thoughts. Hmm, any excuse to rebuy Volume Million, I hear you say. You might be right. So not sensible for me but I miss that gem. Volume Million and all its drama seemed to equal days off and nights out for me.

I hope you are all doing ok.



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