Monday, 28 May 2012

Already done: 'The Pretty Perfume' Review!

Well, this post is actually going to be a lot shorter then I intended it to be. You see this post was going to be all about the Beckham perfume, Intimately, the one that I raved about in my recent instagram post.

I was going to dedicate a post right here to this beautiful scent and share with you Girls, just why I love it so.

However, it seems I've already done that ***CLICK HERE TO SEE***.

I stand by everything that I said in this review and my love for this fantastic scent is still well and truly alive. I have been through at least one more, possibly two, bottles since posting last year. I just love this particular scent and can not recommend more that you seek it out and give it a sniff. It is such a pretty perfume and relatively affordable too.

And now, that I've professed to you that it is not because I'm a fan girl that I love the perfume so, I should whisper that regardless I'm still a bit of a fan of Victoria's style (Again, I may have mentioned this in earlier posts . . . ahem . . . here and here) and I am absolutely loving the looser feel to Victoria's hair at the moment, perfect for the sunshine!

I'm on a mission to reconstruct these two seemingly simple (but probably quite intricate) styles this week.

What's your scent of the moment? How are you styling your hair?


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