Friday, 1 June 2012

Loving my new Valentino Sunglasses!

The recent sunshine in the UK (woo, long time coming!) gave me an excuse to update my wardrobe a little, ie. to go shopping!

Cue sheepish grin, what can I say?!

It had to be done, everything I possessed suddenly seemed so drab, dated, grey and autumnal. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford a complete wardrobe overhaul. No, I had to find some kind of compromise.

Eye catching nail polish (Didn't I already mention Barry M, Flamingo Pink?); a  decent tan (Tick again. Thank you, Clarins and Garnier!); a cute pair of shorts (Fail, it seems shorts might be another thing I can't do! Suggestions welcome.) and summery accessories were sought to instantly add some sunny pizazz and style to what already hangs in my seemingly wilting and seriously lacking wardrobe.

And obviously, there is one accessory which shouts sunshine more then any other . . !

Yes indeed, it seemed what I needed the most, was a decent pair of sunglasses!!!

So the search began but cor, it took me days to find some I liked.

You see, I love how sunglasses look on others. They seem to lend instant glamour and sophistication to all . . , except me! On me, they tend to just look not quite right. The sunglasses tend to wear me and with my eyes all covered up, there is little to distract from the rest of my face, eurgh! I don't think I've ever found a pair of sunglasses that I can honestly say were destined for me. Previous relationships with the ole sunnies have always felt a bit contrived and false.

However with the thousands of sunnies currently on the market, I decided that this year, I would not be defeated and I WOULD find my perfect match, sunglasses style.

Well, a day before the sun disappeared (typical!), I finally did and here they are.

Awh, it is my delight to introduce you to the Valentino 5756/s model.

I friggin' love these! x

Not only are they very comfortable to wear but they also feel substantial and I'm not too worried about sitting on them (although, I will *try* to avoid doing this) or an arm falling off.

And um, yes, you may well have noticed, these sunnies are oh so goorgeousssss!

Yep, as is the fashion, they are oversized and in your face celebrity style but I find the whole design softened a little by the rounded shape of the frames and the smooth curves.

I'm also loving the double colour design. This pair borders with black and then a silver line runs through the middle of the framework adding that little more interest and breaking up the black.

I also tried on a brown and gold version in the same model which was almost as captivating and yes, it took me a while to make my choice but I guess, by now, we all know when in doubt, style wise, I will always opt for the black.

The lenses are like a bluey-grey and they very cleverly sit in the frames with little gaps in the arch and to the side of the arms almost as if they have been slotted in and are mechanical. Some play on a robotic/futuristic trend or something maybe but  certainly, these clever little details  just illustrate exactly how well this model has been designed with a real personality (or should that be 'sunality'?) and sass of their own.

I really like these sunglasses more then any I've ever encountered before and for that reason, I'm begging the sun to come back so I can make the most of my new love. Pretty please!!!

Oh and in case you do like the look of these, check out your local TKMaxx. That is where I found these and apparently I saved myself a small fortune. Kerching!

What sunglasses are you hoping to work this weekend? Any more sunglasses I should be swooning over, link me. Sunnies seem to be my new love fad!

I hope you all have a great weekend, enjoy the Bank Holiday if you are in the UK!



The chic and cheap said...

very beautiful blog.

would you like to follow each other? let me know.


The chic and cheap blog

Essjay23x said...

@The chic and cheap
Thank you!
Chic and cheap sounds right up my street, will be stop by and take a peek!!! :)

Adina Mauch said...
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Davida Schirmer said...

Those are great looking shades! I hope the sun shines more in your area, so you can wear those fabulous shades more. ; ) I also have a habit of sitting on my shades, so I trained myself to clip and hang my shades on the collar of my shirt immediately when taking them off. This way, I wouldn’t be able to sit on them.

- Davida Schirmer


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