Sunday, 3 June 2012

(2) A few things lately . . .

* Yay, Volume Million is back in my life and I feel like me again. Yes, it can be a bit of a diva to apply and wear but during the recent heat wave, it seemed to fare much better then it did in the depths of winter. We're talking ZERO smudges and seriously lengthened and curled lashes. Yay!
* Woah, I've worked this H&M top hard over the last couple of weeks. Cool; loose fitting and eye catching, it was just absolutely perfect for the gorgeous weather we had.
* Although the gold of the top looked a little better when I had something of a tan about me. Colour-wise, this tanning combo has possibly (Make Believe is up there too) given me the best 'nautral' fake tan I've ever had. Thank you, Garnier and Clarins! One problem though, something is breaking me out a little and I can only think it is the Clarins tanner or one of the darker foundations I'm now using to match my tan. I'm going to see how it goes but maybe I'm getting a bit wise in my old age as I think, I'd prefer to ditch the tanner and have good skin if it is a choice between the two. Hopefully, it won't come to that! Will keep you updated.
* Yes, as I mentioned several times, there really was a bit of a heat wave recently. The hair has been scrapped back. Normally, that would only happen for work.
*Blue skies and sunshine, please come back again!!!!!
* Then, I can wear my new sunglasses. Y'all know I'm chomping at the bit to flaunt these. See this post if you haven't already.
* Still trying to find my long lost reading thing mojo. Hoping these two might just do it.
* I'm also feeling the need to get in shape again. It's not about getting thin but just about making more of the shape I have. Lately, I've started feeling a bit blah. I'm considering giving 'Tone It Up' a shot after hearing Gemma's positive feedback. Anyone tried it?
Until then, I'm trying to stick to the Paul McKenna rules. When you think about it, they do kind of make sense. When you are hungry, eat. Eat what you want. Eat consciously and enjoy every mouthful. When you think you are full, stop eating.
* Finally, I'm loving all the little Queens that are popping up all over the place to celebrate the Jubilee. Something a bit different to look at. This has to be one of my faves, I'm a sucker for a Corgi or two!!! Hope you're enjoying the Bank Holiday.

Oh and for me, there has only been one tune this week. . . Kanye West feat Jay-Z, No Church In The Wild.

  I just love this. Boam, boam, boam . . !


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