Monday, 1 October 2012

All about volume: John Frieda, Brilliant Brunette!!!

I'm always a big kid when it comes to trying out different hair products. FACT!

Where as my skincare routine is pretty stable, with the same products cropping up in the mix again and again (though I've just given in to the Hydraluron hype), it would be fair to say that my haircare routine is pretty random (though I prefer to see it as "evolving") with different products been thrown in and out of the mix constantly.

Lately, I have invested in quite a few higher end products that promise to repair all my hair wrongs and deliver the long, long, lustrous locks I dream of but, though a little longer, I don't have the barnet of Rapunzel yet and occasionally, I actually find myself quite disappointed with what the higher end products leave me with and feel almost robbed of my hard-earnt pennies. Consequently, I'm trying to bring my hair spending down a little (though I'm so interested to give this Phylia de M Connect product a go, apparently it kind of fertilises your scalp so that your barnet can grow and fully blossom!!) so when the lovely Rhian, a PR, offered to send me some John Frieda products to try, I thought, why not?!

Rhian sent me the Brilliant Brunette Multi-tone Revealing Moisturising shampoo and conditioners from John Frieda. As I awaited the products, I began to convince myself that maybe these were the ones for me. John Frieda claim that these products have a 'moisturising formula with crushed pearls and sweet almond oil {which} softens as it brings out rich, multi-dimensional brunette tones and adds shine.'

Oooh, sounds just what my hair needs. After all, brunette hair can look fab. See . . .

From Pinterest
Love the length, cut and colour.
From Pinterest
Love how this style shows off the different tones in her hair. I will master this updo for Christmas.

However, sometimes, my growing (albeit, veerrrry slowly but still growing) hair looks a little dull and in need of a cut and colour. Yet, I'm reluctant to do either until my hair has reached a length where I do not shiver at the thought of losing a centimetre or two. I was hoping that maybe these John Frieda products, would deliver a barnet so beautiful and radiant that all my other hair woes would go unnoticed.

Well . . .

I did, indeed, quite enjoy using the John Frieda products.

For a start, they smelt bloody delicious, like toffee or a naughty dessert (this probably shouldn't be my top pro in a hair product review but we all know how a good scent can swing me). The shampoo also lathered very easily and I really felt as if I could work it in to my hair and wash it well with minimal effort. My resulting barnet, once dried was incredibly soft, and polished. There was some shine but not enough to dazzle and I certainly wouldn't say each hair was shimmering like satin, as John Frieda suggested it would. However, my overall colour didn't seem as patchy and any red tones, even after one wash, seemed a little muted deepening my brunette.

So far, OK.

The Brilliant Brunette products did indeed make me feel a little happier with the colour of my hair, it looked quite definite and glossy. However, what impressed me the most in using these two products , was the added volume my blow dried barnet finished up with. My hair looked thicker and healthier when I washed with these. You see, usually my hair lies flat at the roots (boo) and if any volume can be conjured, it is usually in a bit of a puffy mess at the sides (double boo). Voluminous maybe but not particularly attractive. Huh!

However. . .

after using the Brilliant Brunette products, my hair looked thicker but without frizz (for me, volume and frizz usually come hand in hand) and my long ends looked much less scraggly. The overall look was so much better and my hair looked long (yay) and healthy. It also felt good to touch, I've already mentioned how soft these products seem to make my hair. The Brilliant Brunette conditioner is supposed to replenish dry hair for a satin (yes, satin, again) feel, it seems to have delivered on that level.

So yes, I'd definitely consider buying these products myself especially, if I was attempting big hair. Although, I should say that as luxurious as the shampoo feels to lather, my wet hair did tangle easily and unless I made a conscious effort to really rinse the conditioner out well, I was left with a little sticky residue in my hair. However, these little glitches can be overcome. A few seconds extra under the shower combing the conditioner through and rinsing it out well is certainly worth the final 'big, healthy hair' look in my opinion.

You can find out more about John Frieda here and in particular, the Brilliant Brunette products here. John Frieda do have product lines for blondes and redheads too. I wonder if these offer as much volume. Also, I've just taken a peek, at their You Tube channel and I never realised just how many videos John Frieda had up. There seems to be some fab tutorials which would keep hair looking glam over the upcoming party season. You might want to check it out.

Have you tried any John Freida products? What haircare products are you using right now?

*These products were sent to me for review but this has not affected or influenced my thoughts. I have used these Brilliant Brunette products several times to wash my hair and they really did deliver me big hair!!


Laura said...

I'm a huge fan of John Frieda products, the Brunette range in particular! They do such a good job for a fair price (especially when haircare is 3 for 2 in Boots!) x

Essjay23x said...

Oooh, I forgot about the 3 for 2! I do really like the John Freida colour mousses too xx

C.S.I Beauty Blog said...

I love John Freida. The range for blondes with the purple tone is so good and really prevents brassyness. I'm tempted to try a volumising one of theirs now. I don't think you'd regret buying the mineralise skin finish. It's amazing product x

Essjay23x said...

@C.S.I Beauty Blog
Yep, if the Brilliant Brunette can give me so much volume then I think, one billed to volumise, could give AMAZING results.
Oh, I know, the mineralise skin finish soft and gentle sounds amazing. I've only used one of their core mineralise products before, I used to use it as a finishing powder. It lasted over a year with everyday use!

Cat0805 said...

Sounds like a great product range, I've never tried them myself. But they clearly work :D


Essjay23x said...

Yes and they're not that expensive either especially as Laura said, when they are so often on 3 for 2 in Boots. :)


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