Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Tempt me: The River Island Beaded Vests.


So I want you to give me a pat on the back for trying on these two beautiful River Island vests yesterday and then walking away empty handed!!!

Ok, pat done?! Thank you!

Now, I want you to lead me astray and tell me that I NEED to go back and purchase them because they are exactly what my wardrobe was built for.


Pretty please!!!

I really like them and nope, I just can't get them out of my head. In all honesty and as far as fashion goes, these two little numbers are very simple. Beaded vests, hardly anything unusual about that. The shops are churning them out ten a dollar at the moment, I probably try four or five embellished little tops on a month and have maybe fifteen already strewn around my bedroom floor hanging in my wardrobe but the key to temptation with these two can be found in some simple but perfect details that they possess.

Both tops are of a single colour. I do love a nice crisp white vest (esp. under the black cropped cardis that I'm so often found in), you can never deny that white brings a purity and freshness to a look that no other colour can replicate. At the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the grey. Now grey is a colour that can go both ways on me. Too light and I might as well not bother, it draws any colour I have and makes me look so feeble. Eurgh, not a good look. However, there is some depth to this grey which is only enhanced by the substance of the fabric (nothing flimsy about this one) and this warms it all up a bit and it actually seems to bring a bit of life to my face. Also grey kind of fits in with the seasonal mode (drizzly and drab, boo!) over here in England at the moment.

Both of these tops also fall at a length which flatters me, one which is not too short nor one which swamps me. They just fall below the hip in a lovely flattering manner.

And finally we have the sparkle, I love the bead detail. The majority of it can be found lying along the bottom of the vests and it has the potential to catch the eye (Crucially for me, the placement means this is true even under a cropped cardi). The pattern, remniscent for me of flowers and butterfly wings, they lie in makes the vest that little more feminine too. The beads that sparsely lie higher on the top just maintain the twinkle factor without sparkle overload. The hems are also cut out and have that whole scalloping vibe about them which just makes the vests that little bit more interesting.

Honestly you look at one of these tops from a distance paired with jeans and think, cute top then you come closer and take the top in, suddenly you think what a beautiful little piece at a fab littleish price (£18) so please, why didn't I snap one (or two) of them up?!!

Tell me, about your latest high street buys or yearnings? Is there one type of garment that you will buy hundreds and hundreds of even if you already had a thousand? I know for some this would define their obsession with shoes. Well, me, I do believe I'm obsessed with little sparkly vest tops. Have you got any more to link me to? Have you any reasons why I have to frogmarch back to River Island and buy these (pretty pretty pretty please, help a girl out!)? Do you like River Island?

The grey vest can be found here.
The white  (I say white, River Island say cream) vest can be found here.
Images from The River Island website.



Fernanda said...

These are super cute, I might have to go for them myself! xx


C.S.I Beauty Blog said...

They are lush. Definitely pick them up. I got a lace top from Oasis at the weekend as i couldn't stop thinking about it and the most amazing black leather jacket from Primark x

★ JASMINE ★ said...

Such adorable tops!
Thanks for the comment girl, and for stopping by today!

Means a lot!
Hope you have a lovely, warm, wednesday!

Hannah Louisa said...

I love these vests too!been lusting after them for a while ahah roll on pay day!x

Sophie said...

Go back quickkkly! I hate it when you get home and regret not buying something and it's bound to be sold out next time. thanks for your comment :) xxx ps. do you want to follow each other on GFC? if so, leave me a comment to let me know & i'll def follow back xxx



super stuff ♥♥♥♥

Essjay23x said...

Yes, do and then let me know. I won't feel so guilty if I know somebody has given in to temptation too ;)

Essjay23x said...

@CSI Beauty Blog
Ha, your comment came up several times. It was like it was trying to drum the message in to me, 'Go get them' ; )
Your comment also just reminded me that you tweeted the leather jacket today, it is absolutely gorgeous. Love the crop fit, zip detail and big lapels. Fab find!! Will now be looking out in Primark for that one . . . xx

Essjay23x said...

Thank you. No problem. I've missed your blog. I know you've been posting a little less and I go through phases where I'm so busy, I'm out of the blogging loop. It seems we keep missing each other. Was so chuffed to read a post from you, will be keeping an eye out for more. Hope you're well, Hun xx

Essjay23x said...

@Hannah Louise
Awh, they are cute, aren't they?! How come the weeks go so quick and yet payday NEVER seems to get here?!! Thanks for the comment, hope you're having a good week Hannah :)

Essjay23x said...

So true, sometimes once it's in your head, you just got to buy it to get it out again. I suppose, if I change my mind, they'll be the 28day return policy or something!
Just had to comment on your scarf, it is gorgeous. Thought I'd pressed follow too, have now!! :)

Essjay23x said...

Thanks and thanks for stopping by :)

Sophie said...

Thanks for your lovely comment! I'm following you now :) xxx



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