Friday, 19 October 2012

Jasmin Noir!

Hmmm, now I like to talk perfume.

A lot!

However, I have been wearing Jasmin Noir almost every day for about six weeks now but have yet to mention it here.

It is true that I've been desperate to take a photo of the very unique bottle it comes in. Black and gold, it comes across as quite classy and sophisticated, a bottle I'm quite happy to pull out of my bag and wave around for all to see admire. It doesn't look like any old perfume bottle and I'm sure many of you will agree that when presented with a bottle like this, you're just dying to know what the scent inside smells like.

Well . . , I'll tell you or rather I would if I could but I've found it so difficult to pick apart the overall scent of the perfume and pinpoint individual notes. None of the individual notes (which supposedly include Jasmin, Sambaa, Satin Almond, Gardenia and Liquorice) seem to shout out to me. All I can tell you from a whole lot of sniffing and brain churning is that it smells very woody with the occasional hint of floral (though it is deemed a floral) and that the overall result is really quite nice!

The official line from Bvlgari is that this scent 'is dedicated to a fascinating woman: it's velvety notes reflect its power of seduction, it's intense accords evoke her uncompromising position.'

Ok then I guess, we're talking one sophisticated lady and yes, this scent is sophisticated. It is as I said, a floral with an unmistakable woodiness about it. It is a very deep fragrance and one I would hesitate to wear on holiday. For me, Jasmin Noir isn't really a perfume to wear on the beach but one to spritz just before a very important meeting or under your most beautiful winter coat or and (how much do I want to do this tonight?!) to dine in front of a traditional log fire. It is a warm scent, definitely musky and although I like it, there is not a lot of fluttering (I like my perfumes to flutter or sing with different notes hitting you and catching your attention all the time. That way no note can be too much), this scent seems to know itself better then that and smells pretty much the same from the moment you spray it to the moment you wash it off. Granted, it mutes quite a lot in the first ten to twenty minutes but it pretty much smells the same just to a lesser degree. After about twenty minutes, the scent seems to take its place and nestle in to the skin and stubbornly stays there until it's washed away. It will always be there but when I've walked away from smoke or a busy road or sat along side somebody who, like me, may have squirted a little to much of her own scent, I've noticed how easily the Jasmin Noir gives in and can quickly be masked or overpowered by the opposition. Walk away though and the Jasmin Noir will still be there patiently waiting.

I don't think Jasmin Noir is a scent that could offend people but nor for me, it seems is it a scent that others particularly compliment. For a start, you have to be quite close to smell it and then I don't know, the scent is almost so sophisticated that I think, others would prefer to be quietly captivated by it rather then to try and pluck up the courage and compliment the wearer on it. I can imagine this scent drawing boundaries and it is quite a good scent for work in that way as it lets me go about my day to day business without distraction. Like Ghost, it is a perfume that instantly seems to make me feel a little more level-headed and grown up.

Bvlgari suggests that the Jasmin (one of the heart notes and the namesake) is the 'flower of the imagination' yet there is nothing flighty about this perfume. I suppose in a way, it may engage the imagination of others because it tells them nothing about me. It's not particularly fruity, sweet or oriental. It's just a really, really nice scent there in the background as I go about my business. I guess, the dark bottle reflects its mysterious nature well.

I do really like Jasmin Noir but I was surprised to hear that it is quite a new release as there is nothing obviously gimmicky or contemporary about it (although like quite a few recent releases, there is a bit of liquorice). Its class, dignity and subtle tone seems almost reminiscent of a time now passed but I've happily worn this for the last six weeks and would not hesitate to spritz it again if a new bottle just happens to find its way in to my stocking this Christmas. If you're simply looking for a lovely scent that lasts then Jasmin Noir could be it!

The Bvlgari website is here! Just how soothing is that music?! I must be getting old!!!


And quickly moving away from scent for a second, I've just got to thank you all for your support. I reached 100 GFC followers earlier this week and the smile from my face can not be scrubbed off. Thank you for the follows, comments and tweets. You all seem so lovely and I wish, many of you were in my 'real' life. I hope to post a little giveaway very soon to celebrate in style(!) and to say thank you again!

Now back to the scent, what scents do you recommend? Which one are you wearing right now? What one would you like for Christmas? Have you tried Jasmin Noir? Have an amazing start to the weekend.


VIKBeauty said...

How funny - Was in the middle of writing my review when I saw this. I have been using this fragrance for about 2 years and love it. Thanks for the review! x

Fernanda said...

Oh my, the packaging on that looks incredible! I've been loving my good ol' Chanel Chance atm! :) started following you! xx

Essjay23x said...

@VIK Beauty
Wow, how spooky, is that?!! Good minds etc etc. . . :) Will look out for your review. Have a fab weekend xx

Essjay23x said...

Ooh, I do like the scent of Chance but for some reason, it has never ended up in my collection. May have to change that! Yay, so pleased that you've decided to follow, thank you xxxx

Melanie Jane said...

This sounds like such a lovely perfume and the bottle looks very classy. I have never bought a perfume form BVLGARI but I have spent lots of time sampling them all in duty free in the airport and always regret not having any money left after my travels to buy one! Their scents are all really sophisticated.
Mel xx

Essjay23x said...

@Melanie Jane
Ooh, there's a reason to love the airport, perfume testing! A whole lot of fun for free!!! Have a good weekend, Mel :)


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