Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My new necklace+ a very pretty ring!

Look, I got my very own Sideways Cross necklace. Yeah, yeah Lollipop26 style. You all know what I am like, so orginal!!!

I'm really pleased with it though. I've never had a necklace which makes me feel so grown up.

I'm not sure how easy it is going to be to keep it sitting straight - it took a bit of a play to get the shot above- but I quite like the slightly tilted thing in real life. It gives it that mismatched 'cool' effortlessly Kate Moss/Sienna Miller edge. Makes the classic a bit more bohemium! In the same way, the cross been sideways does in the first place.

Usually I am more of a bracelet person. I have got away without many necklaces for so long by wearing tops with interesting necklines.

When I have worn necklaces they tend to be the run of mill heart or initial pendant type ones, a little longer then this one or very occasionally, shorter ones full of beads since my family have a bead shop but until today, necklaces have been a special occasion thing for me.

However, I feel that this one is delicate and discreet enough (yet still contemporary) to wear everyday. Well, I don't think that I will be taking it off for a week or two anyway. Ha, this bling bling obsession does not seem to be subsiding.

I ordered my necklace from this seller on Etsy . I made the order on the Sunday before last (27th of June) and it arrived this morning all the way from Texas so I can't fault the service. There are several variations of the Sideways Cross on her website. I brought the Sideways Cross Necklace - The Original 14K Gold Filled Horizontal Cross - Handcrafted by Theresa Mink.

Theresa has some other Etsy stores and I do like (but must be good and not buy) A Summer Place, a beautiful cocktail ring inspired by the sea. I've borrowed this pic from her listing

So is jewellery key in your own personal style? How do you work the bling? Ooh and have you ever made any of your own pieces, where can I check them out?


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