Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Share The Love!

Hi everyone!

You may remember that I did some Sharing The Love on You Tube recently. I'm not really sure if You Tube is my thing, I think I'm more comfortable blogging. For now, I have made my videos private but I'll probably change my mind again tomorrow.

Anyway just in case you are interested, here is a quick rundown of who I mentioned in my Share The Love videos.



Claire has a blog and a You Tube channel. Her blog is amazing and her channel is a little bit newer but I chose her as a You Tuber just because when she is talking about style and fashion she is so passionate and in to what she is talking about. I find her energy contagious. On my mission, I think I've got sidelined by beauty a bit but I've started to think more about style and adorning pretty things as I read more of Clare's posts and watch her videos. A couple of her videos are quite different too. One is dedicated to her shoe collection. I've seen tens of make up collection videos before but a shoe collection one?! It worked though, a great vlog. Then there was another chatty vlog about how she thought her style was evolving. Again I've seen chatty videos before but never one, that took this angle. So hopefully there will be some more videos up soon. In the meantime, check out her channel if you haven't already and of course, check out her blog http://www.thefashiontellersnotes.blogspot.com !

Tanya Burr

When I did my Share the Love videos, I was really in to my Frenched which I doubt I ever would have been able to pull off if I hadn't watched Tanya's wearable red lip tutorial. I know she is quite well-known but all of her tutorials seem to work for me. I have been working her Lady Gaga lippie (I do like Satin Taupe) look recently and it is quite wearable. I've learnt loads from her and she is a trained make up artist so hopefully everybody can pick up something from her.

Tanya also has another 'fun' channel which is a good way to wind down if you like 'A day in the life' type videos.

Oh and of course, look out for the jewellery Tanya wears in her videos because some of it she sells. Remember a certain dancing ring!


To be fair, I have not watched lots of Alex's videos yet but I found her channel when I was searching You Tube for some extension videos and I watched one of her videos and then another one. I thought they were good and she covered hair, beauty, make up. She has more then fifty videos up and seems really in to making her channel a success. I have subscribed and think that her channel could be one to watch.


I wasn't aware of Kathy's channel before but she does have a big following so maybe you are already subscribed. However, this channel she is new to me and wow, am I pleased that I found it. I became aware of Kathy's videos after Laura (Lollipop26) tweeted that the only tutorials she ever watched were on this channel. There are a lot of make up looks on this channel which I will soon be exploring but the video that I have been watching over and over with my 209 in hand, is the Perfect Liquid/Gel liner tutorial.



I remember saying in my video that Nicoletta's blog was my current fave and I still look forward to her posts now. I think Nicoletta is quite new to blogging -I've probably only followed her a couple of months- but you would never know. She does a lot of faces of the day but also throws in fashion, hair, reviews and more general posts. She did a lovely one today about appreciating the small things such as a morning with her son and some toast. Nicoletta seems really friendly and posts almost, if not, every day.


You all know that I am a big fan of Muhsine's blog. It covers everything make up, natural beauty, hair and she is just so stylish that you'll probably find some style inspiration in there too. Muhsine's photos are great and her posts are always inspiring. She consistently produces very clear swatches with through comparisons. She talks fairly about many different brands. A great blog to check out if you are in to seeing how some of the less hyped brands fare compared to MAC and Nars. The posts on this blog are not ones that could be written without some knowledge, thought and research. Oooh and the odd purchase or so!! Thankfully Muhsine posts several times a week and in addition to this, there is a whole wealth of information on her blog in the form of earlier posts. Sometimes if I have a question (or a blemish), I just search Muhsine's blog and Bingo, a remedy is found!


A new group blog set up by Gemma from Gem's Maquillage. You may have heard about it but basically you submit a half decent photo of your outfit of the day and Gemma/Victoria will include it in a cute little post with a few more OOTD's from others. I'm very nosy and love seeing what people are wearing. It is great to see what we wear in common and what more unique pieces people use to distingish their style. There have been points where I have been obsessed with this blog and trawled the net to try and find something spied here. This blog is also a great way to find new blogs as under photos, IKWYWTS will link to the person's blog.


Laura's blog is brilliant. She posts regularly, does a lot of looks with a lot of different products. One look that I always remember is a Bollywood one. The looks are always creative and to me, Laura's technique appears spot on. Laura replies to a lot of her comments and seems an avid reader of many blogs herself, I'm sure she has 'matchmaked' a lot of blogs with new followers in Blogland, as she often tags or refers to interesting posts or competitions she has read. Also Laura is so on the ball with future collections, she knows what is coming out and when. A great blog to turn to when compiling wish lists. Laura also does beauty reviews and hauls.

There we go, I know some of my mentions are more well-known then others but I hope you find somebody new to follow here.

Oh and of course, there is Laura, Lollipop26 (http://lollipop26writes.com/) but you are all following her anyway but just so you know I would highly, highly recommend following her if you live on Jupiter and aren't already.

Are there any other amazing channels or blogs that I should be subscribed to?! Let me know and I will check them out.


PS I have done a post or two like this before so flick through my wordpress (http://essjay23x.wordpress.com/) archives to see who else I have rated if you are interested.


3ate4 said...

Will have to check them out!

Laura - Emerald Green 88 said...

Thanks for mentioning me here! I'll have to do one of these posts this week!

Essjay23x said...

@3ate4 Yeah, do. Their blogs/channels are fab and they all come across as really nice :)
@Laura No problem, same as I said (and meant) in the video but I know some people prefer this type of thing as blogpost :)


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