Monday, 26 July 2010

Skin wonders, I'm begging, please!!!

Lately I have been trying to boost the condition of my skin.

These are just a few of the things I have employed to try and help. I have spent quite a lot on skincare products since my mission began and to be honest, it has been a rollercoaster. I have read a lot of science and a whole lot of marketing over the last six months or so. The result being that . . . my skin seemed to hit the lowest point of ten years!

I have used Clinique, Clearasil, Neutrogena, Botanics, Avenno, No 7 and more. I have took Magnesium, Primrose Oil, Starflower oil, Cod Liver Oil, Milk Thistle, Silica, Vitamin D, Mutivitamins and more. I have drunk green tea and antioxidant cococtions. I have plastered my skin in honey, lemon, strawberry masks, chocolate masks, sudocrem, toothpaste and more.

I should add I haven't done all of these things all at once. Yet!!!

You see, I was starting to wonder if there was any such thing as a 'Deliver me wonders!' skin routine. Very few products or combinations have made any great impression. . . until now!

I have been doing the same routine for about a week and fingers crossed, I think it is helping very, very, very slowwwwwly.


So this is my all new and improved 'Deliver me skin wonders (pretty please!)' routine:

*Two or three times a day, I buff lemon juice in to my wet skin. With at least one of these applications, I usually throw some sugar on to the cotton pad too, creating a Lemon Scrub Kandee Johnson Style I then buff and rinse. I have in the past used Lemon Juice like Muhsine as an occasional treatment and it is partly because that
seemed to work that I'm working with the lemons again. Lemon juice contains AHA which is found in a lot of skincare products and this kills off the dead skin cells and helps new cell growth. Muhsine has written about lemon juice here
*I apply Sudocrem at night (and when my skin feels irritant) to any blemishes. Occasionally I might dab a little Clearasil toner on to blemished areas if they are irritating and I'm going out. Sudocrem is much too obvious! For unaffected areas, I stick to moisturiser. At the moment, I'm trying Aveeno Cream.

*I have applied the Neutrogena Gentle Cleansing Mask to blemished skin areas about three or four times.

*When I wear make up, I skip the foundation and powder. I do not apply any make up to bad skin areas. I also remove my make up as soon as I can with a Neutorgena Make Up remover and a lemon wash/scrub.

*I have added so many red grapes and berries to my diet and a bit more fruit and veg, in general.

*I am trying to cut down on dairy products. I have moved from fruit artificial yogurts to natural yogurt and solid cheese to cottage cheese.

*I have one Green monster every day at breakfast usually with as much spinach as I can get in a dish to microwave.

*Whenever I can, I'm trying to keep my hair pulled away from my face.

*Oh and I'm trying to drink at least one green tea a day and drink lots of water but uh, you know me and the water thing. . !


Phew, I think I deserve good skin now and ooh, remember fingers crossed, it is on its way! I have more of a glow and the blemished areas do seem to be drying out and going away. Go, go, go . . !

The only problem I have now is that I'm not sure what change is,  also known as skin miracle, and helping my much. Therefore, editing the whole rigamorole would be risky. Argh, my only hope is that this routine will become habit and not the hard work it feels at the moment.

Do you and your skin ride a rollercoaster of routines or do you get on, plain sailing? Do you have any skin routine staples?



nicoletta said...

Wow you should be seeing some results. I am constantly changing my routine as i have always had breakouts its using an aha product which has made the most difference in my routine x

Essjay23x said...

@nicoletta Fingers crossed, I brought the neutogena wave today so will probably throw that in to the routine somewhere. I do think the lemon has helped though, it was just getting worse and worse until the lemon chipped in.


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