Saturday, 7 August 2010

Cinderella shoes!

Ok, I'm not really a shoe lover compared to many Girls but at last, I think I have found my Cinderella shoes.

Introducing the Eternal Diamond stiletto.
Pictures took from the Daily Mail article detailed below.


They are so, so, beautiful. In fact, Christopher Michael Shellis, the shoe designer, thinks of them as a fine piece of jewellery and not shoes at all.

I like a few diamonds (2200 actually). They remind me of a carriage. Ha, a royal coach for your feet, look at the little red cushions.

Yep, they are certainly a little treat that my poor, tired feet deserve.

And they could be mine for . . , £100 000.

You do get a 1000 year guarantee but £100 000!!!!

If I was rich, rich, rich then I have to admit that maybe I would splash out on these shoes (reportedly Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole have), it would be amazing to have such a treasure to pass through the generations. I just know happy things would happen to anybody luckily enough to adorn these shoes.

However, I'm not rich rich and even if I started saving now, I would need a thousand years to get the cash (a big aaah, please) so instead I'll be keeping a beady eye on the High Street for some cheap but cost efficient copies of the shoes that have reminded me how excited a good pair of shoes can make me.

You can read more about these shoes here

Are you a shoe lover ? What shoes are you swooning over? What is the most that you would spend on a pair of shoes? Have you spotted a copy that I need to check out?



nicoletta said...

Beautiful, i love shoes although i dont have that many compared to the average girly girl. I always need more shoes x

Essjay23x said...

@nicoletta yeah, i can never find shoes that fit me properly but these are bespoke so they would fit me like a glove:)

louboutin uk said...

When these are christian louboutin uk, the excitement just gets doubled. Most chic looking louboutin uk are in fashion now.


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