Saturday, 28 August 2010


Hands up, all those who have slathered their skin in olive oil in the hope that it might transform in to something more silky and smooth.

Oh yes, me!

In fact, I guess I should put up not only one hand but two.

For I have not only slathered my skin in olive oil several times, I have also been known to pour vast qauntities in to the bath where it sort of lingers in a lump before sticking stubbornly to all surfaces once the water has ran away.

Be warned, the olive oil may be economical but the cost of cleaning in time and money will accelerate.

Now, although I'm not going to suggest pouring olive oil in to the bath, slathering myself in olive oil after a bath or shower does seem to go a little way in to moisturising my skin and making it a little softer. The oil can also give you a little bit of that much sought after 'healthy glow'. However, you do have to be careful as it is easy to go beyond the glow and in to grease territory. Unfortunately this is not the only negative with the kitchen remedy.

Used daily, Olive Oil can become a bit of a chore. I went through a phase this year of using olive oil daily to moisturise my body, more often then not I would also use it to soften bath water and even as a hair treatment. Usually, the olive oil delivered great results.

Still once the bottle was finished, I felt I had earnt the right to fork out on other body products to do the same work. Olive oil is great as a one off but to be honest, frequent use got a little bit tiresome.

Olive oil is very sticky. It is hard to dress afterwards without everything clinging. Seriously pulling on skinny jeans equals mission impossible. Then even if you decide to stay in and give the olive oil time to soak in overnight, it has the strangest smell and to be honest, it was one that after half an hour or so really put me on edge. So although it works, it is not the most sociable of body treatments and probably should be kept aside as an emergency remedy or something.

So I've used various gels, bubble baths and melts and body butters since but one of my more recent acquisations has really impressed me and that is the Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Moisturising Body Oil.

Image from here

This can be used in your bath water to moisturise your skin and also on damp skin after showering or bathing prior to patting yourself dry.

This oil is easy to use. It washes out of your bath tub easily and seems to be absorbed in to your skin relatively easily and with very little stickiness. Oh and the scent is slightly remniscent of the Body Butter one but a little lighter and a little prettier. As you are using it on damp skin, it will not only moisturise your skin but it will trap some of the water in your skin from your bath or shower mutiplying the moisturising function.

I have used Palmer Products before and have never been disappointed. I am a fan of their body butters although I hate the old style bottle and lid packaging. That is useless for thick body butter, I get so little out. Even after throwing the bottle across the room, I just get a dollop. Great!

Alas, similar packaging does work for the oil and I like the fact you can use the cap to measure it out. You can't do this with the metal olive oil caps, I have caught my skin on those a few times. Ouch!

I have used the oil all over my body except my face and neck and gained near enough instant results especially on my legs and elbows. The skin feels so much softer then I am used to especially around the notorious dry knee and elbow areas.

I was a bit wary of using the oil around my decolletage as in the past, some lotions and oils seem to have broken me out there but that is not the case with this beautiful oil. My skin just looks happy and well looked after.

Yay and that is all for the small price of £4.79!

Now if only I could find such a product to work such wonders on my face and neck.


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