Monday, 10 May 2010

BlanX Intensive Whitening Treatment.


So you know I really want to tick the white teeth box?! To be honest, I was a little disappointed with RapidWhite but it is time to move on. So I have.
I have started to brush my teeth twice a day with the BlanX Extra White Intensive Whitening Treatment. It is basically a toothpaste with very special (whitening) qualities. After 15 days, I should have visibly whiter teeth and all I have to do is brush with this instead of my normal toothpaste. Sounds good!
It gets better, BlanX products derive from a natural ingredient, Arctic Lichen. BlanX are the only company to use this lichen in a cosmetic toothpaste so it is different from other whitening products.
This magical ingredient was found by scientists when they went to the Arctic and noticed that the native population had extraordinary white teeth. Arctic Lichen was what this population cleaned their teeth with. So the bits of Lichen responsible for this have been identified, isolated and put in to the BlanX products. Oh, how I love a little trivia!
My BlanX product is intensive. It contains not only the active lichen magic but a unique whitening agent and particles to remove stains. BlanX as a brand seem to pride their products on the fact that their products whiten teeth without stripping away the tooth enamel in the way that whitening toothpastes often do. I can not find any information but I do wonder if my product is a little more abrasive then some of the other BlanX everyday products (including a classic toothpaste and an anti-aging one!). After all, my product is an intensive one and probably needs to be more abrasive to whiten teeth in 15 days. BlanX are very clear that their products in general are not as abrasive as other whitening products but I can find no specific claim relating to this intensive treatment. However, they are very clear that this product does contain particles to remove stains.
BlanX do suggest that this product is used twice a day for two weeks, four times a year. In the meantime, they advise that you use a product from the BlanX Non-Abrasive Whitening range for maintenance. Straight away, that says the Intensive treatment is not one that BlanX have placed in their Non-Abrasive Whitening range.
Anyhow, I will let you know how I get on with my little whitening mission. I'm interested to see if you can really get whiter teeth just by changing the toothpaste you are brushing with. No extra gizmos or graft required. Could it be that simple?!
BlanX claim that none of their products have been tested on animals. I brought my 30ml tube in Boots. The normal price is £10.99 but today it is advertised on the Boots website for £7.33. While there, I noticed that there are mixed reviews for this product. However when I was in store, the major reason that I picked this product up is because two girls were raving about how much their friend loved this brand. So I guess, we will have to wait and see. Please, please, whiten my teeth!
See the BlanX website for more information and better scientific explanations!
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