Friday, 28 May 2010

Indulging SATC!


Like so many darlings out there, I am proof that you get it more then once. I am currently suffering a very bad case of Sex And The City Fever. I've had it before. Once when the series was ending and then when the first film came out and now, I have it again.
So sorry girls but when I'm suffering, I like to indulge myself. Be warned you might catch something (SATC style) but here are my top Sex And The City moments.
*Ex And The City
Raw, raw emotion when Big tells Carrie that he is engaged to Natasha and then poor Carrie about to walk away in style gets her bag caught on the chair and what did you do, laugh or cry? Poor Carrie, a clutz like me. ( Symptom 1 of SATC fever, the repetition of sentence including the name, Carrie and the phrase, like me! Apparently this scene almost never happened because SJP was not having shoulder bags in SATC . . . until Fendi showed one!
*Belles of The Balls
I actually got into SATC quite late and this was probably the first episode that hooked me. Carrie is finally getting used to Aidan's country living and then Big needs her. At the end of the day Big and Carrie have such a strong connection and it is evident here. Loving the fight too between Big and Aidan. It may be a bit indulgent but what girl doesn't want two delicious men basically fighting over her?! That is the second symptom of SATC fever, dreaming it could all so easily have being me. I could have being born in New York, I could have being strutting around in Manolo Blahniks . . .but life got in the way!;)
*I heart NY
Big is leaving New York and so we see the city at its best. A carriage ride in New York, so romantic!
*The Last Series
SATC was ending and four girls were determined that their stamp on the fashion world would stay forever. SATC style is really showcased in the last series.
*Carries Closet Clearout in film number 1.
Amazing, crazy clothes and a girlie night we all need to have once in our life.
Ooh, I'm feeling a bit inspired now to go and sort my wardrobe out. SATC Fever symptom 3, I will be Essjay Bradshaw. Life may have got in the way until now but now I'm going to rock it. Of course, I may poke my head out at some point over the weekend to catch the fabulous film. Eeeeepppps!
So girlies, feeling afflicted yet? Sorry about that but go on, indulge. Share your favourite SATC moments and combos in the comments. I want to wallow!!


PS Check out Claire, The Fashion Teller . She has a channel on You Tube. Her Vlog about shoes is so passionate and inspiring. She also has a beautiful blog and is maybe one of the closest things that the Uk has to a Carrie Bradshaw, style-wise!

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