Monday, 10 May 2010

A MAC Secret!


So we've all heard of Creme d'Nude, Angel, St Germain, Costa Chic, Hue and if you're following me then let there be no doubt that not only have you heard of Snob but you know what a fantastic, beautiful lipstick it is! Oh yes. Of that, there is no doubt!
MAC lipsticks are not some magic we apply, when nobody is looking, to make us look so divine.
MAC lipsticks are something us Girls celebrate. We spend hours typing, talking and loving them. Everytime there is a new one, we cavort it. The dance is pretty much the same every time. We look forward to it's release, we watch in wide eyed awe as others around the world reap the benefit of earlier release dates then finally we get one of our own which we take home and look at from this angle and that and then we take photos of said lipstick and then finally we get to paint it on our lips. Then we decide if it goes in to our top tens. We tweak our looks to try and make our favoured lipsticks shine just that little bit more. And so on. There is always something more to try with our MAC lipsticks.
This ritual is something we look forward to. Hence the number of limited edition and monthly MAC releases. I've got to say as much as I love all my MAC lippies, there is something here in the beauty community that adds to the value of even the most perfect MAC lipstick (Snob!). The excitement that precedes every new release, there is a real buzz, a real excitment that on this mission, I have never really seen with any other brand or product with the exception, possibly of hype-extrodinaires Revlon.
So with so much hype and lippie love MAC style, I wonder why one of my latest purchases-Creme De La Femme- is one that I had never even heard of until that fateful day when it caught my eye in MAC recently.
Creme De La Femme is a pink frost like the very famous Angel. Where as Angel is more a peachy pink, the darker Creme De La Femme has a more lilacy/blue tint to it. I have read that it is similar to Snob. Snob is a smidgen lighter then Creme De La Femme but actually when I compare the two, they are very, very similar. Considering my love affair with Snob, that gorgeous satin, then it is no wonder that this beauty caught my eye.
Here are Angel, Creme De La Femme and Snob.
Here they are again with Gosh, Amerysth (the most purple lipstick I own) underneath.
I would say that instore as a lipstick product, Creme De La Femme looks more tainted with blue/purple tones then it does when you swatch it on your hand. The closer Creme De La Femme comes to the lips, the more pink it becomes.
Gorgeous lippie!
I have worn Creme De La Femme only on a couple of occasions. . , so far! However, I would say, maybe due to the slightly darker hue, that for me it needed less touching up then Snob and blended in to my lips (which are quite pigmented) better then the lighter Snob. I would also say that my first impressions are that Creme De La Femme has slightly better staying power and looks tidier when it does start to wear off. It is a lipstick which talks and one that I think you would use when you want the lips to be the focal point of your look. However, it is not Barbie or Bimbo bright. It is a bright but not in that way. For me, this uniqueness is probably part of the attraction and what sets it apart from so many other MAC lippies.
I saw on Make Up Alley, somebody suggested it was a 80′s pink and I would agree. Creme De La Femme is not a conventional colour and thinking about the punk etc of the 80′s, I can see what they mean and yay, aren't the 80′s back?!
This lipstick is gorgeous and I can not believe that it is unloved by everybody else. Why does nobody talk about this lipstick? Are lipsticks discriminated against just because they are a bit different or have I just missed something? What do you think? Do you like this lippie? I'd love to know what you all think. What is your favourite MAC lippie and why?
Snob might be my lipstick love but if I was a fickle thing then there might well have being a summer fling in the air!


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