Tuesday, 11 May 2010

MUA Nail Polish!


So everybody is allowed a little treat now and then, right?!
Look, what I have purchased from the new Superdrug brand, MUA.
 I chose this nail varnish because it reminded me of the dark murky on trend shades that I keep hearing so much about (Chanel Greige and Particuliere et al) that I'm curious about but too sceptical to fork out for. I brought a similar nude browny shade from Rimmel (Euphoria) earlier in the year and at the time, I remember been quite disappointed with the colour but since the MUA products are only £1 each and 'murk' seems so on trend at the moment, I thought I might as well pick this one up. After all, I could always blog about it!
Despite the colour, it wasn't long before I just had to have a play so I tested this polish only once with very quick and careless application yet I was quite impressed. So impressed that I had to post a little rave quickly. Let me tell you why.
First, there is the colour which I love. I applied three coats and although the colour is subtle, it is not sheer.
Secondly, the formulation dried very, very quickly. Literally within a couple of minutes.
Thirdly, the brush was quite easy to use and the polish smooth to apply.
I don't think you should wear this polish if you want to make a statement, it is a little lighter then Greige et al appear to be. However, to add a little interest to your nails then this might be a polish, you want to consider. I would say this MUA one is almost metallic but quite a light, sheer one. The density does seem to change a bit when it catches the light.
I felt quite comfortable applying this varnish and adorning the result and if I feel that way, the amateur I am, then it is unlikely that many of you would go wrong with this polish and for £1, it could be worth a go especially if you have not yet grabbed a ride on this nail colour trend.
Please bear in mind, I have not given this polish a proper road test yet but at the moment, I would not hesitate to repurchase a nail varnish from this brand and indeed, I am likely to go back in a couple of days to try a few more of their products.
For £1, I didn't expect much and this little pot of polish seems able to deliver so much more.
What with Sleek and MUA, Superdrug certainly seem to be gaining ground in the battle of the drug store budget brands.
Have you tried MUA? What do you think? Any recommendations?
My MUA nail varnish does not seem to have a name but is marked as shade 10. There is 6.2ml in the bottle for £1. My Rimmel varnish was 8ml.


PS Have you checked out Fleur de Force's You Tube channel lately, she has two competitions going at the moment. One for Sleek and one for MAC. You can also find her new blog here http://www.fleurdeforce.blogspot.com

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