Saturday, 29 May 2010

My Summer Scene!


Hey Girls
So I'm feeling all summery today and it is raining, typical!
I think my summer feeling is a little bit down to the sun we had earlier this week, the fact that it is a bank holiday (and therefore should be sunny) and a whole lot down to the fact that my fake tan break is over.
Oh yeah!!!
I am loving the combo of St Moriz and Boots Body Butter.
I took a fake tan break because I'm rubbish at it. I get streaks, patches and very funny looks but no more!
Everybody says that St Moriz goes on smoothly but isn't that easy for tanning whizzes to say?!
Except this time, they are right. I'm very late on this bandwagon but St Moriz does go on seamlessly even when I mix it haphazardly in with my moisturiser. I am loving it!
The only self tanner that I have ever found to apply so well is Make Believe but that costs so much more then my darling St Moriz.
Now I have a tan to flaunt and I'm skipping around. I feel so full of life that I might have to go puddle jumping later to celebrate my new tan.
Isn't it funny how a simple tan (no foundation or concealer required, yay) can change the way you feel?! I even added lots of colour in to my look today. St Germain on my lips, that gorgeous Claires Acc Nail Varnish on my nails that I have raved about before, a slick of All That Glitters across my lids.
So simple and with all the time that I saved today, I even tried waving my hair with a concial wand but aherm, might need a bit more practise there and today, it had to be straightened out.
Ooh and then time to accesorise. No black today, absolutely zero which is pretty amazing for me.
Nope, it is tan and colour all the way. Here is a little pic. Sorry it is a bit blurred but honestly like I said, I've got the summer bounce today and I couldn't stand still long enough to take this properly. I actually don't look too tanned in the pic but this is about as tanned as pale old me should go. I've learnt from my mistakes hence the moisturiser add in.
Now all I need is a little sunshine and my summer scene will be perfect!
Hope you're having a nice bank holiday and maybe a sunnier one then mine. Made use of my look today and added a couple of videos to You Tube. Check them out if you get a chance. Don't forget, it always makes my day (even a rainy one!) if you follow or comment on my posts or videos! Would love to see your OOTD or hear about your fake tan expereinces so leave me a link to your posts or comment here.


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