Saturday, 1 May 2010

Can I just say . . ?

Hi Pretties!

This is just a really quick post to say hi, I'm still here and -even though you can not see it :( - I have been working away on both my blogs (wordpress and blogspot ) but I'm having trouble uploading photos. I thought it was me being new to blogger but wordpress is slow too. Maybe it is my connection. Anyways, there should be more posts soon.
But for now, can I just say . . .
. . . Yes, you were all right about Barry M Pale Purple (My first Barry M Nail Paint purchase, yay. About time!). It is lovely and just right, for a spring bank holiday. As gorgeous as Minted can be when you finally manage to pull it off, I would say Barry M Pale Purple is better value and current nail varnish of the moment!
. . . That maybe I have been an inckle bit hasty in discarding Boots Naked Haircare products to the Never again bracket. Am currently finishing my original bottles and I must say, the products particularly the shampoo seems to be making amends. I still need 3+ shampoos though before my hair feels clean enough to condition.
. . . Morrocan Oil still rocks but is facing some hair product competition from my new fabulous Tangle Teaser. What did I do without one of these?
. . . That maybe I have a new found obsession for sparkle. I love MAC es, All That Glitters! I love MAC es, Gleam (yes, new purchase) and I'm not adverse to Revlon PhotoReady.
. . . And finally, I hope you are all ok and looking forward to the Bank Holiday. I am!!
Will be posting very, very soon so feel free to keep checking back. The tooth update just needs the pics and it is ready to go . . !


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