Monday, 10 May 2010

What you put in . . .


What is it, that they say?! You get out what you put in . . .
So you all know that I want the locks of Rapunzel, Angelina Jolie or at a push, Catherine Zeta Jones. Fussy, me?!
Anyway, it follows that I'm always very aware of the products that I use on my hair but I am also now thinking of how I may affect my hair and appearence generally by what I put in to my body.
At last, I do seem to be drinking a little more water. Last week, I was very, very good and drunk lots and lots of water. This week, well, I'm drinking a little more then I'm used to and I'm determined to drink more. It was watching one of Kandee's vlogs that did it, she explained how if you weren't drinking water, your toxins would escape another way through your pores causing spots etc. Oh! I knew that but maybe it was the way she put it but I just had visions of all this mud like substance coming out of my face leaving big boils behind. Eurgh, I must go and get a glass of water . . !
So maybe at last, I'm nailing the water thing but that is not the only goodie that I'm putting in to my body.
I am also taking Evening Primrose oil tablets every day and a teaspoon of cod liver oil plus a multivitamin tablet to see if this makes any difference to the health of my hair.
Evening Primrose Oil is more of an all rounder which I first heard Tanya, Pixi2Woo, talk about. It is supposed to help balance hormones a little which in turn is supposed to be of benefit to the skin. And although, my main focus has always been. and probably always will be, my hair (I think every girl is either a hair or skin one, which one are you?), any help with my skin will not be thrown back at ya. My skin is an absolute nightmare at the moment and yet tomorrow, it could be perfect. Ever since I began this mission, my skin has being one extreme or the other. Before the mission, my face was quite soft but I did get the occasional spot. Now I'm either broken out or glowing. When it is bad like today, it feels so bad and I'm almost craving my old skin and am so tempted to go back to my negligent old ways. For now though, I have products to use up so I will persevere and hope that the Evening Primrose helps.
Cod liver oil has vitamins and good fats for good hair and skin. Again I've been using Cod Liver oil after seeing Kandee's vlog. I'm not sure if it is really necessary if I'm taking the Evening Primrose Oil but hey, at least I'm doing things wholeheartedly. I will probably only use one in the future and it may well be the Evening Primrose Oil because I'm not sure if Cod Liver Oil does so much hormonally and also the recommened Cod Liver Oil dose is two teapoons a day which is 80 calories! So on good days. I have only been taking one. I am only 5ft2 (if that) so hopefully this is enough but I'm afraid to say it is the calorie intake rather then the taste that actually puts me off this product.
Saying that, my hair does seem to be quite healthy at the moment considering that it is my hair. It could just be that it was cut only a couple of weeks ago or it could be the natural product approach I'm trying to take such as The Naked Haircare range or it could be the Coconut/Olive oil treatments I have been conjuring or it could be the supplements or it could be the amazing Morrocan Oil!
I must say I think the Morrocan Oil is helping. Touch wood but I do not seem to have to straighten my hair just to get my hair flat enough to leave the house anymore. I can honestly say that on a daily basis, I am only straightening my front sections very briefly and other random strands occasionally as and when but the whole head of hair is actually only been straightened once after a hair wash, two to three times a week. Considering that once upon a time not so long ago, my whole head was often been straightened very throughly at least once a day, this is exemplery behaviour from me and I'm expecting to reap big hair rewards in the long term. Just maybe real, real long hair could be all mine!
In the meantime, feel free to comment or/and follow. I love to hear what you all think. You could always tell me if you are more about your skin or hair, make up or clothes? It always seems to me that a girl favours one over the other. Also any skin remedies for consistently clear skin or hair conditioner recommendations, I'm looking for a new product to retry.
Hope you are all ok and had a sunny weekend despite the weather.


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