Monday, 10 May 2010

L'Oreal and Elle New Talent Competition.


I've said it before but I will say it again! I have learnt so, soo much on my mission from all of you other Bloggers and You Tubers out there. Some of you are not only so passionate about your blogs and channels but I think you are incredibly talented and I personally think you should flash your talent which leads me to something I spotted while sitting out in the sun earlier this morning, flicking through Elle.
L'Oreal and Elle are having a competition to find a budding make up artist. The winner will get to work backstage during London Fashion Week as well as assisting on an Elle shoot which will be published in the magazine AND you get a professional L'Oreal make up kit.
Wow, what a fabulous opportunity for someone!
Obviously such an amazing experience is not going to be given to just anybody and girlies, there is some work to do. A mood board; a face chart and an inspiration rationale but you have plenty of time, the competition does not close until the 2nd of June.
I don't think I could ever win (unlike some of you more talented things) but I might have a shot anyway. The geek in me thinks it would just be fun putting the entry together anyway!
What am I like?!
Seriously though if you have talent, what are you waiting for?! Hope across to to find out more.
Edit: I have used the link above and keep getting a black, blank page so have found this link. Might be worth a go as well
Oh and good luck!


PS If you work in a shop (oh, I wish I still did then I could enter this one too) then you might want to check out the Elle Shop Girl to Stylist competition. Amazing opportunity alert again, an internship with Elle magazine. I'm thinking The City . . ! Check it out here
PSS Just to be fair, Marie Claire also have another amazing opportunity for some girlies to be mentored by some of the most sucessful women in the country. See  for more info.

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